4 Korean Tables to Enrich Your Dining and Snacking Experience

Looking to upgrade your dining and snacking experience at home?

This post covers two types of Korean tables:

  • small (folding) tables for the ultimate snack/tea time
  • BBQ grill table ideas

Let’s dig in!

Lingua Asia Korean Tables Perfect for Your Home

๐Ÿ’ก I sorted the items by price, from lowest to highest. They’re within the 59 USD to 264 USD range and will be an amazing gift for yourself or your loved ones!

Small Korean Tables for the Ultimate Snack Experience

Lingua Asia Korean Cafe Tables
A riverside cafรฉ in Busan with some nice table action

Wooden tables have been all the rage in Korea for a few centuries at least.

You’ll find this style everywhere including Korean houses and cafรฉs.

Since these are too big to carry, I found some cute Korean tables you can get in the States!

1. Gaedari Soban

Lingua Asia Etsy Gaedari Soban

Gaedari means “dog’s legs” and Soban means “small table” in Korean.

So, this cute little guy is a small dog legged table.

It’s perfect for celebrations like baek-il or doljanchi.

You can also use it as your baby’s dining table๐Ÿ‘ถ or for some tranquil coffee time!

*Size: 12 inch (width) x 8.75 inch (height) | Legs Are Not Foldable

2. Black Lacquered Folding Table

Lingua Asia Etsy Black Lacquered Folding Table

This elaborate table is a vintage piece with mother of pearl inlay.

It has a splendid retro vibe from the 70s.

Koreans would use this versatile table to dine, snack and even study on.

*Legs Are Foldable

3. Walnut Mini Soban

Lingua Asia Etsy Walnut Mini Soban

A beautiful antique-style small table handcrafted and made of walnut wood.

I’d personally love to have this at home, because it’s so elegant that it makes a nice decoration when not in use.

It’s perfect for tea time with dessert, fruit or bingsoo!

*Size: 9.84 inch (width) x 2.95 inch (height) | Legs Are Not Foldable

4. Korean Table

lingua asia_etsy_korean table

This high-quality wooden table is inlaid with mother of pearl straight from Korea.

It will look absolutely fabulous with Korean tea sets.

You can enjoy some me-time while sipping a nice cup of tea, or spend quality time with friends.

*Size: 12.9 inch (width) x 7.87 inch (height) | Legs Are Foldable

Korean BBQ Grill Table Ideas

Lingua Asia_Pick the right place for KBBQ

While outdoor barbeque is a huge deal in countries like America and Australia, Korea has some serious love for indoor BBQ.

Since outdoor BBQing is tricky in cities like Seoul, Koreans developed their barbecue scene inside.

You’ve probably seen built-in BBQ grill tables at restaurants in K-town. But they’re too expensive to have at home, until now!

Here are some items that easily add the Korean BBQ experience to your dining table for a reasonable price.

1. Stone Plate

Lingua Asia Korean BBQ Grill Table
Pork belly (samgyupsal) bbq party at my aunt’s house

You can use any pan to grill meat, but wouldn’t it be cool to sear some on a stone plate (dol-pan, more like a stone grill/pan)?

Believe it or not, many Koreans have a stone plate at home, just like my emo.

You should be able to find this item at Korean grocery stores in the States!

You just lay down some newspapers on a table to catch the fat, set up a portable butane stove and put a stone plate on top for that bbq restaurant experience, in the comfort of your home!

๐Ÿ“ŒTip! It’s a must to roast pork belly with kimchi and garlic, then eat it with ssam. The final step should be fried rice cooked with the remaining meat and kimchi!

2. Baking Paper

Lingua Asia KBBQ Grill Table Idea Baking Paper

This is the simple way to get a Korean BBQ experience at home. It works great for cooking marinated meat or tripe while preventing it from burning.

Just place foil and baking paper on any pan you have at home then cook that yummy meat!

Don’t forget to add some veggies like onions and chives. They’ll soak up all the grease and marinade to add some crazy flavor.

The second-best part after the meal is the cleanup. All it takes is just a quick wipe.

3. Caldron Lid

A great example of using something incorrectly in an awesome way.

You just bring a traditional cast iron cauldron lid to an outdoor BBQ. Flip it and put it on top of the firepit.

The hardest part is finding the right sized cauldron lid and not overeating.

It’s the perfect thing for campers.

Most Korean camping enthusiasts have one of these to give their barbeque that perfect sizzle.

You should be able to find one at a Korean market in K-town.


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