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It’s hard to find a reliable Korean translation company that provides service in English.

Native translators in both source(original) and target(final) languages are needed for professional documents that sound natural.

Our multilingual team proofreads and reviews every file in-house, so you don’t have to.

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  1. Personal project manager to provide you with consistent service
    –Tired of the run around? Get one point of contact to simplify your life
  2. Free Quote in plain terms to clarify what you are buying
    – Not sure how translation costs are calculated? We make everything transparent so you know what you’re paying for
  3. Accurate deadline and word count to save you time and money
    – Need results on time and on budget? Get files before your deadline
  4. Sample of our previous work (upon request), so you know what you are getting
    –Afraid to buy something for the first time? Check out our quality before you commit, so there are no surprises
  5. Customization when you provide terms or a document you would like us to use as a guide
    – Does your industry use unique terminology? We can incorporate terms and follow styles seamlessly
  6. Translation by a professional translator (minimum 5 year’s experience) in your field, so nothing is missed
    – Worried about translation quality? We’re careful about who we work with, because we want happy clients
  7. Proofreading by a native speaker in your final language for translation that sounds natural
    – Don’t have time to proofread? We include it in every project, so you can rest easy
  8. Collaboration between the translator and proofreader for the perfect balance of accurate and natural translation
    – Don’t want translation that sounds like it was done by a machine? We make sure your documents are made for humans, by humans
  9. Internal review by company stakeholders to guarantee your translation is ready for use
    – Tired of average quality? Our company founders check every file, so you don’t have to
  10. On time delivery so you can focus on what you do best
    – Worried about deadlines? We make sure you get your files on-time

More reasons to use us

Translation you can always count on

Our main goal is saving you time and energy on translation. We know you have better things to do than check translated files. That’s why we include proofreading and document review in our base translation rate. This saves our clients hundreds hours on revisions. We provide translated documents you can rely on, especially during crunch time.

Specialized in making your life easier

We don’t try to translate every language. We focus on document translation between Korean and English – that’s all we do at Lingua Asia. By specializing, we can translate these languages faster and more accurately than the competition. We live and breathe document translation, so you don’t have to.

Demystifying Korean

The Korean language has been influenced by Chinese characters as well as Japanese and English. You would need to study a lifetime to understand the nuances. Fortunately, the stakeholders of our company have been doing just that. They use their knowledge of Korean to check documents before your customers do. The end result – we take the guesswork out of translation.

Experience + Procedure = Peace of Mind

It takes more than just experienced translators to produce worry-free translation. Not only do we scour the globe to find the best talent, we also have a system to maximize it. At Lingua Asia we collaborate through checks and balances, and multi-stage feedback. This enables us to convey meaning more effectively while sounding natural. Our clients can rest easy knowing we provide the most refined translation possible.

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“In the past it has been harder than expected to find good translators. Luckily, I found Lingua Asia. Whenever it’s soon time to have my work translated, Richard and his team are always ready. I really appreciate his help with my projects.”




“It’s always a pleasure working with Richard and his awesome team at Lingua Asia. They are quick to understand my needs, and deliver projects on time and in line with my expectations. I would definitely recommend them when you don’t want to worry about translation!”



“I really appreciate Lingua Asia Translation’s exemplary work, especially in regards to contracts. They are incredibly detail-oriented and sometimes catch discrepancies before we do. I highly recommend them for legal documents.”



“We have worked with Lingua Asia for the past 2 years. As we have grown and evolved, they have always been just one email away from helping us move forward with our plans. They understand our products and make sure our customers do too.”


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