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Lingua Asia Painless Weight Loss Tips From the Korean Diet
Delicious veggie side dishes and hearty stews to keep you full all day.
Learn healthy habits from Korea to stay slim while feeling great.
Lingua Asia Korean Teas to Soothe Your Soul
Korean teas have health benefits and can help you be more mindful.
Find out which ones you’ll like here!
Lingua Asia The Complete List of Koreatowns in North America
Want to spend some time getting familiar with Korean culture and cuisine?
Check out a K-town near you!

About Minjung

Hi, I’m Minjung!
I was born and raised in a small South Korean town of a million people.
I’m a world traveler, entrepreneur, photographer, but really, I’m obsessed with food, K-dramas, and finding the perfect cafe.
Most importantly, I love sharing fun facts about my country.

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