The Ultimate Doljanchi Planning Checklist

Need help planning your first doljanchi?

From setting up a dol table to party favors, this simple planning checklist will make it a breeze.

Linguasia The Ultimate Doljanchi Planning Checklist

Download the printable checklist below!

Doljanchi Planning Checklist

  • Date & Time:
  • Duration:
  • Venue:

Guest Planning

◻ Invitations
◻ Gifts

Professional Hires

◻ Photographer
◻ MC

Food and Beverage

◻ Catering or ◻ Cooking
◻ Appetizers ◻ Main ◻ Dessert
◻ Drinks for kids ◻ Drinks for adults

Welcome Table Decorations

◻ Photo collage or video of baby
◻ Customized wooden engraved sign
◻ Guest sign-in book
◻ Pen and markers
◻ Seating place cards

Dol Table Decorations

◻ Birthday baby chair
◻ Birthday cake
◻ Korean rice cake
◻ Floral arrangements
◻ Fruit assortments
or ◻ Dol table package


◻ Hanbok for baby
◻ Comfy outfit for baby
◻ Mom’s hanbok
◻ Dad’s hanbok

Doljabi Event

◻ Doljabi kit
◻ Raffle tickets
◻ Prize for Doljabi raffle winners


◻ Music
◻ Photo booth
◻ Quizzes and games
◻ Prize for game winners
◻ Lucky draws for long-distance prize (for the guest who traveled the furthest distance), and lucky seat prize (random number among all the leftover raffle tickets)

What items are needed for a Doljanchi?

1. Birthday Baby Hanbok, $75

A baby wearing hanbok is so adorable and photogenic for that special day.

Your child will be the star of the show!

It’s also a good idea to prepare a comfy outfit for the birthday baby to change into if the party runs long.

2. Doljabi Kit, $45

doljabi kit

Doljabi is a fun cultural event that blesses and predicts a baby’s future.

The birthday baby sits in front of the doljabi kit and picks one item that’s said to decide their future occupation.

Common doljabi items and their meanings are:

  • Yarn: Longevity
  • Money: Wealth
  • Book: Scholar or writer
  • Pencil: Teacher or professor
  • Stethoscope: Doctor
  • Microphone: Celebrity, reporter, singer
  • Gavel: Judge, prosecutor, lawyer
  • Calculator: Career in finance
  • Sporting Goods: Athlete
  • Mouse: Tech guru
  • Camera: Movie director, photographer

Feel free to stack the deck with some wishful items.

3. Dol Table Set Rental, $224

Linguasia Etsy Dol Table Set Rental

The easiest way to set up a dol table. Rent cute props for the perfect setting!

This rental comes with fabric backdrop, fabric white table cloth, 2 flower vases (silk flower), 2 mini flower vases (silk flower), gold candle stand, plastic candle, 3 gold mini cake stand (rice cake), yarn cake (tassel), 2 gift boxes, cake/cake stand/cake topper/silk flower, rice bow/Korean coin, mounting tape and pre-paid return label.

4. Dol Table Package, $97

Linguasia Etsy Dol Table Package

If you plan on having a few more, here’s another cute setup for the first birthday table you can own!

This essential package is great if you want to reuse or give it to a friend.

This package comes with hanging banner, 3 pieces of rice cake, round mat, 2 gold plates, yarn, butterfly candle, red grape, gift box, flower vase/flower, clay cake (6 inch), cake topper, and cake ribbon.

5. Customized Dol Wooden Engraved Sign, $53

Linguasia Etsy Dol Wooden Sign

An optional but tasteful decoration for a first birthday party.

This customized wooden engraved sign is great for decorating the table and looks gorgeous in photos!

6. Customized Dol Wooden Cake Topper, $20

Linguasia Etsy Dol Wooden Cake Topper

Another optional item. A well-crafted and lovely cake topper will complete your dol birthday decor.

7. 24K Gold Baby Ring, $411

A key part of the celebration is the dol ring. This cute 24K gold baby ring (3.75g) makes a great present for your child or when attending a close friend or relative’s doljanchi.

It comes in adorable tiger and rabbit designs. Bonus points for choosing the tiger design for babies born in 2022 (year of the tiger) and rabbit for babies born in 2023 (year of the rabbit).

It’s also possible to get a name and birth date engraved on the side of the ring.

8. Doljanchi Outfits for Mom and Dad, $320

Linguasia Etsy Couple Hanbok Doljanchi Outfits for Mom and Dad

The cutest matching outfits for a family photo worthy of the mantle!

This hanbok is custom-made in Korea. All you need to do is share your measurements.

It takes about 15-20 days for custom-made hanbok, so order at least a month before the party.

9. Doljanchi Gift for Guests

Since guests bring expensive birthday gifts such as gold rings or cash, it’s a nice gesture to give out party favors.

A classic item to give every guest is a customized towel embroidered with your baby’s name and birthday.

Lingua Asia_Doljanchi Dablyepum_Towel

Newer gift ideas are honey, candles, soaps, cookies, tumblers, and cutlery sets.

Feel free to choose anything within your budget!

You can also prepare a small number of higher-end gifts as prizes for raffle winners (this is common in South Korea).

For more info on Doljanchi, check out the article below.

Doljanchi Planners in the US and Beyond


Details Details
18 Technology Drive #124
Irvine, CA 92618
949-600-8881 (Orange County, CA)
310-870-0390 (Los Angeles, CA)
858-880-9389 (San Diego, CA)

Leafy Party
8730 Wilshire Blvd #101
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Dana Yu Creative
37 Amos ST
Sleepy Hollow, NY 10591
Serving the entire New York Metro area

The Party New York
Greenport, NY 11944

Bat Haus (venue & event space)
459 Grand St
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Williamsburg – North Side

Table Concept
Flushing, Queens, NY

Party N Favors
11434 Emerald St, Dallas, TX 75229, USA

The PN
11127 Shady Trail #105 Dallas, TX 75229

Mozart Bakery
11420 Emerald Street
Dallas, TX 75229

Texas Rose Bakery
Austin, TX 78753

Hansang Dolsang
Columbia, MD

Chookha Party
12627 Jedburg Ln, Woodbridge, VA 22192


Dodam Dodam
Toronto, Canada

Party with Chloe
Toronto, Canada

The Party Ave
Vancouver BC, Canada


Merry Days London
London, UK

Elizabeth Atelier
London, UK


Bebe Story
2 Monak Street, Rucorn, QLD 4113

Lim Hanbok
Eastwood Eastwood, NSW, Australia 2122

New Zealand

Petit et Maman
Botany, Auckland

Glenfield, Auckland


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