7 Korean Tea Sets to Help You Find Your Zen

Want to find stillness and calm in the chaos of everyday life? Or do you just love loose tea leaves like me? (I know I know, once you go loose leaf, it’s hard to go back.)

Then this post is for you!

Have your very own Korean tea party at home anytime you’d like.

Here are 7 premium Korean tea sets that will help you find your zen while enjoying your favorite brew!

korean tea sets

πŸ’‘ I sorted this article by price, from lowest to highest. They’re within the 75 USD to 112 USD range and should make a perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones!

1. Chunmok Ceramic Tea Set

Lingua Asia_Etsy_Chunmok Ceramic Tea Set

This Chunmok Ceramic Tea Set comes with one teapot, one tea pitcher and three teacups. All the pieces are handmade in South Korea.

Chunmok is same as Tenmoku but in Korean, which shows simple, yet bold shapes with ceramic glaze and random markings.

This teaware has some cool, unique leopard patterns that will add a little edge to your private tea ceremony.

Chunmok is also perfect for sipping Ssanghwa tea.

2. Flower Tea Set

This handicraft Flower Tea Set from Yeoju will definitely soothe your soul.

Yeoju is known for pottery and ceramics in South Korea, and the city even has the famous Yeoju Ceramic Art Complex (μ—¬μ£Όλ„μ˜ˆλ‹¨μ§€).

The good news is you can get this cute teaware delivered to your home without flying to Korea and driving to Yeoju, Gyeonggi-do. Although that would make a memorable trip.

3. Feldspar-Glazed Ceramic Tea Set

Korean Teapot Set_Etsy

Feldspar-Glazed Ceramic Tea Set is perfect for both indoor and outdoor tea time!

Just imagine having a nice hot cup of green tea in your garden with this high-quality set.

Whether it’s sunny or rainy, it will totally set the tone for the day.

4. White-Glazed Buncheong Tea Set

Lingua Asia_Etsy_White-Glazed Buncheong Tea Set

White-Glazed Buncheong Tea Set is the right choice when you want to practice tea ceremony (darye).

Feel free to wear a comfy modern hanbok to complete that Korean darye vibe and make it extra special.
It’s NOT cultural appropriation. Koreans will be ecstatic to see you wearing hanbok, just don’t say it’s from anywhere else. πŸ˜‰

Also, buncheong ware is traditional Korean stoneware with the most Korean elements of shapes and patterns. It feels pure, yet energetic.

5. Peony Tea Set

Lingua Asia_Etsy_Peony Flower Tea Set

This Peony Tea Set is another buncheong ware that has outstanding craftsmanship.

Peony flowers are not only gorgeous, but also represent prosperity and dignity in Korean culture. They were frequently used by royal families as well.

If you’re searching for a gift for your sister or mother-in-law, this is it!

6. Comb-Pattern Tea Set

Lingua Asia_Etsy_Comb-Pattern Tea Set

Need to impress your wife? Check out this Comb-Pattern Tea Set.

Yet another buncheong tea set, but with cute designs! They’re reminiscent of ancient Korean pottery but made with modern aesthetics.

With this set you’ll completely enjoy the whole tea process from brewing to sipping.

7. Celadon Tea Set

Lingua Asia_Etsy_Celadon Tea Set

Last but not least, the piece d’resistance. This Celadon Tea Set is so elegant that you can keep it as a family heirloom. It’s simply BEAUTIFUL!

Decorated with sacred clouds and cranes, it invokes prosperity, harmony, health and success (pretty much all the good things you can hope for 😘).

This 112 dollar set is the ultimate gift to delight anyone! Give it to your Korean in-laws for guaranteed brownie points!


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