The Ultimate Guide to Korean Special Forces Units

Lingua Asia 7 Korean Special Forces

Are you a fan of reality TV shows like The Iron Squad and Physical: 100 starring former Korean special forces members?

Or do you want to know how they train and what they specialize in?

Either way, there’s something for you!

Here are 7 Korean special forces units that take things to the extreme!

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Delicious Korean Lunch Boxes to Make Your Picnic Special

Korean lunch boxes (doshirak)🍱 are making a comeback thanks to nostalgia and TV shows like Squid Game.

Just the sight of one brings back so many memories for me.

I’ll share some cultural info and tips you might find useful when packing a nice Korean bento box.

Let’s dig in!

Lingua Asia Korean Lunch Box

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The Beginner’s Guide to Korean Fitness Culture and Trends

Fitness is a newer concept in Korea, but it’s catching on in surprising ways (you can work out with an anime character online!).

If you’re looking for challenging home exercise programs or a new pair of leggings, Korean style, this post is for you.

I’ll cover:

  • the history of fitness culture in Korea
  • popular Korean workout YouTube channels for Pilates, lifting and stretching
  • Korean workout clothing brands
  • and more!

Let’s get started!

Lingua Asia Korean Workout

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How to Cook Perfectly Sizzling Korean Meals with Dolsot

SCORCHING or ICY, Koreans love extremes when it comes to food.

Dolsot is the kitchenware of choice when cooking sizzling hot Korean dishes.

I’ll explain what dolsot is and how to get an authentic Korean dining experience with it.

Now, let’s dig in.

Lingua Asia Dolsot Explained

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50 Best Korean Gift Ideas for each Holiday and Occasion (2023)

Need some cultural Korean gift ideas that are sure to please (or maybe something yourself ^^)?

This post will help you find the right gift for Koreans and anyone interested in the culture.

I grew up in South Korea and have been known to give a gift or two.

I’ll cover:

  • what to give in each situation by age group and gender
  • modern and traditional gifts that are sure to please

Let’s get started!

Lingua Asia_Korean Shopping Tips Perfect Gift Ideas

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