How to Break into Acting in South Korea

Acting in South Korea is a fun way to fast track your career.

Just avoid some easy-to-miss pitfalls and you’ll be fine.

I worked in show biz in South Korea for a few years.

Here’s what I learned.

Lingua Asia How to break into acting in South Korea

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Gnarly Places to Go Snowboarding and Skiing in Korea

Lingua Asia Gnarly Places to Go Snowboarding and Skiing in Korea

Korea is 70% mountains, so there’s bound to be a few places where you can strap a board or some planks to your feet and slide down.

Whether you’re traveling to Korea for some fresh powder, or you need a break from Seoul, snowboarding or skiing is the way.

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Best Surf Beaches in Korea

South Korea is now home to the Jeju International Surf Competition in Jungmun and a surfers-only beach called, “Surfyy beach”.

Sure, it’s no Bali, but Korea has beginner-friendly and intermediate beaches.

Here are the top surf spots in Korea you should check out.

Lingua Asia_Best Surf Beaches in Korea

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Ways to Have the Best KBBQ Experience

Nothing beats grilling and not having to clean up after. Except when you add bottomless side dishes, tasty stews and ice cold booze.

KBBQ is the backbone of Korean civilization. It’s more than just a meal, it’s a total experience that delights all the senses.

Lingua-Asia_Guide to Have the Best KBBQ Experience

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