Korean Resources

We’re excited to help you get the most out of Korea. Here are our favorite websites, apps and pictures!

Starting a Blog

Starting a blog has been one of the best decisions of my life. It’s opened up a whole new world of possibilities including extra income and interesting new people. This post will show you the best way to start a blog as a beginner.

Learning Korean

I wish I used Pimsleur before coming to Korea. It took me from 0 to conversational in three months in Japanese and Spanish. You can try the full Korean course on Pimsleur here for free.  

Accessing Websites Privately

There are a few reasons to have a VPN.

Some K-dramas aren’t be available in your country. Korea blocks some websites if you try to visit them there. Access the entire Netflix catalogue and browse privately with VPN here!

Teaching English Abroad

TEFL certifications aren’t necessary to teach English in Korea. But, if it’s your first time and want to get some experience before jumping in, these programs are the most reputable.

Best All Around

International TEFL Academy is a good choice if you prefer to learn in-person and want more practice time.

Best for Budget and Convenience

The TEFL Org is the most reputable program for the price among the ones I’ve researched. They have a variety of courses and locations around the world, but their virtual classroom is where they really shine.

Books on Korea

Bookshop.org is a great place to support your local bookstore and get more info on Korea.

Check out our reading list to help you get started.

Hiring Freelancers

Fiverr offers great entry-level services for building a website or starting a business on a budget.

We use them for logos and graphic design.


Here are some of our favorite pictures of Korea. These are free to use with a link attribution to https://linguasia.com

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