Starving Villagers in Myanmar Need Your Help!

Constant terror from the military coup and the ongoing global pandemic have displaced 300,000 people and shut down factories and farms, leaving them jobless and without hope in Myanmar.

The people who lived on $2 a day working in factories or on farms have been left to starve when their money runs out.  

Sending and receiving aid publicly has been blocked by the military and can result in citizens being arrested and tortured.  

You can make a difference.

Lingua Asia has a contact in Myanmar to whom we donate directly to. The aid is distributed to 20 families who live on one meal a day near Bago, a once charming fishing village with beautiful temples.    

Your donations will be sent every month in the form of food, medicine and other supplies. A $20 dollar donation can buy enough food to feed one family for a month.  

Most importantly, you can bring a smile to the faces of those who are suffering so much. Our contact tells us the villagers are overjoyed to know that people from other countries care.

Your help will completely change their lives.

Contact us for more info here.

Thank you so much.