13 Quotes from Your Favorite K-dramas on Netflix Feat. Useful Korean Expressions

This post covers the coolest quotes and famous lines said on Netflix K-dramas.

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Learn Korean with these useful expressions.

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Useful Korean Expressions from Your Favorite K-dramas on Netflix

Famous quotes from K-dramas are a great way to learn Korean. Here are some of the popular ones.


Famous lines:

팀장님, 바람이 왜 부는 것 같아요?
지나가려고 부는 거에요.
머물려고 부는 게 아니고.
Why do you think the wind is blowing?
It’s to pass,
not to stay.
우리 내일 만날 것처럼 오늘을 사는게 어떻갔소?
하루를 기쁘게 살아보는게 어떻갔소?
Why don’t we live today like we don’t have to worry about tomorrow?
Let’s live today to the fullest.
사람이 설레는 건 끝이 어떻게 될지 모를 때거든…We flutter when we don’t know what the end will be…


후라이까지 말라우 (hu-ra-i-kka-ji mal-la-u) = Don’t lie in North Korean slang. It’s 뻥치지마 (bbeong-chi-ji-ma) in South Korea.

에미나이 (eminai) = North Korean way to call a “girl or woman”.

SKY CASTLE (스카이캐슬)

Famous lines:

감수하시겠습니까?Can you take that?
난 너를 위해 존재하는사람이거든I only exist for you.
오직 결과만이 여러분의 가치를 증명한다Only results prove your worth.
자기는 가끔 보면 찔끔찔끔 선 넘더라You sometimes go over the line.


저를 전적으로 믿으셔야 합니다. (jeo-reul jeon-jeok-eu-ro mid-eu-sheo-ya hab-ni-da) = You have to trust me completely.


Famous lines:

이 일은 힘은 드는데 금세 익숙해져
근데 익숙해질 게 따로있지
우리 일은 그러면 안되는 거잖아
– Dr. 채송화
This job is tough, but it becomes routine quickly.
But we shouldn’t get too comfortable with it.
– Dr. Chae Song-hwa
우리 딱 10분만 기다려요.
애가 매년 어린이날마다 돌아가신 아빠 때문에 울면서 보낼 수는 없잖아요.
– Dr. 이익준
Let’s just wait 10 minutes.
A kid shouldn’t spend Children’s Day every year crying, thinking about his dad who passed away.
– Dr. Lee Ik-joon
의사가 환자에게 확실하게 할 수 있는 말은 딱 하나에요.
최선을 다하겠습니다.
그 말 하나밖에 없어요.
– Dr. 안정원
There is only one thing a doctor can say for sure to a patient.
I’ll do my best.
That’s all we can say.
– Dr. Ahn Jung-won
유산이 왜 병이에요?
유산은 질병이 아니에요.
당연히 산모님도 잘못한 거 없어요.
누구에게나 생길 수 있는 일입니다.
– Dr. 양석형
Why are miscarriages a disease?
Miscarriages are not a disease.
You didn’t do anything wrong.
It can happen to anyone.
-Dr. Yang Seok-hyung


최선을 다하겠습니다. (choi-seon-eul da-ha-get-seub-ni-da) = I will do my best.

정신 차려 (jeong-sin cha-ryeo) = Wake up, Pull yourself together or Get ahold of yourself

실세 (sil-se) = Influential person or big shot

REPLY series (응답하라 시리즈)

Famous lines:

어른은 그저 견디고 있을 뿐이다.
어른으로서 일에 바빴을 뿐이고
나이의 무게감을 강한 척으로 이겨냈을 뿐이다.
어른도 아프다.
Adults are just trying to keep it together.
We’ve been just busy working
and only overcoming the weight of age by pretending to be strong.
Adults can be sick too.
내 사랑하는 사람을 위해
우리가 할 수 있는 가장 쉬운 일은
온전히 나를 버리는 일이다.
나답지 않은 일을 하게 만드는 힘
The easiest thing we can do
for our loved ones
is to completely lose ourselves.
The power to do things that are out of character,
that’s love.


추억 여행 (chu-eok yeo-haeng) = A trip down memory lane, literally a memory trip

쓰레기 (sseuregi) = Trash or jerk



바깥양반 (bakkatyangban) = Husband

This word is derived from the traditional Korean house (Hanok).

Its structure is divided into Anchae (안채 or inside building) where women spent most of their time and Bakkatchae (바깥채 or outside building) where men spent more time.

So, “Ansaram (안사람 or inside person)” means a wife, and “Bakkatyangban (바깥양반 or outside yangban)” means a husband.

In this case, “yangban” doesn’t necessarily mean any class.

Just like when Koreans sometimes say “이 양반아! (ee-yangban-ah)” to call “you” in a slightly rude way or someone pathetic in a light, frustrated way.

It also refers to a traditional lifestyle where the wife was responsible for housework whereas the husband was responsible for outside work.

These terms aren’t relevant anymore, but you’re still judged in Korea by your job title.

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Korean dramas have some cool quotes to inspire you.

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