19 Stylish Korean Outfits and Modern Hanbok

Want to make an impression without breaking the bank?

Korean fashion offers versatile outfits that are sure to turn heads.

For a timeless look, modern Korean hanbok can be worn on every occasion from Sunday brunch to Monday meetings at the office. Best of all, they wrap to fit your body, so anyone can wear one!

Korean Shopping Tips 15 Stylish Korean Outfits and Hanbok on Etsy

Koreans love to see anyone wearing hanbok!

Add some spice to your wardrobe with some stylish and affordable outfits.

Best of all, most of these are handmade in Korea!

For Women: Modern Korean Style

Short Sleeve Cowl Blouse


Short sleeve cowl blouse is a great choice for the office or a night on the town. It works with anything from denim to skirts in your wardrobe. The V-shaped collar accentuates your face too!

#modern #office look

Tweed Hanbok Jacket


Make an impression with a tweed hanbok jacket that’s stylish and professional. It adds an elegant touch to any dress while adding length to your legs. A personal favorite!

#traditional #office look

Oversized Corduroy Blouse


Look like a slacker with good grades on campus with this oversized corduroy blouse. It’s a perfect item for a 꾸안꾸 (kku-ahn-kku) look, which means “looks dressed up, but unintentionally or effortlessly”. It matches any pair of pants too!

#campus look #comfy

High Waist Mermaid Midi Skirt


This high waist mermaid midi skirt is perfect for looking professional and elegant while giving a presentation or meeting your in-laws. With its subtle, tone-down color, it will wow your audience without distracting them.

#modern #office look

Tweed Blazer Dress


This tweed blazer dress is a classic design that’s always in style. Made with beige and gold pearl yarn, it’s great all year round. I love this kind of item because I don’t have to think about coordinating.

#modern #OOTD

Short Sleeve Office Blouse


Short sleeve office blouse has a simple yet elegant design. This is the right blouse to wear when you want to feel girly while looking professional. Its flowy design flatters and is your best friend in summer.

#modern #stylish #office blouse

For Women: Modern Hanbok Style

Pink Party Hanbok Dress


Pink party hanbok dress works for any gathering with friends or family. The colors are especially nice for spring weddings.

#modern hanbok #party dress

Dawn Navy Hanbok Dress


Versatile is the headline here. I love this navy hanbok dress. It’s perfect for hosting that cocktail or engagement party. I would totally wear this outfit when I’m invited to doljanchi.

#modern hanbok #formal dress

Floral Hanbok Midi Dress


This floral hanbok midi dress is understated but vibrant. It’s a great look for attending a wedding or baby shower.

#modern hanbok #cute floral dress

Navy Hanbok Party Dress


A navy hanbok party dress that symbolizes Korea in a modern way. Super comfortable so you can wear it all day without feeling stuffy.

#modern hanbok #formal wear

White Short Sleeve Hanbok Blouse


A white short sleeve hanbok blouse that goes great with any vivid color skirt or pants! The perfect way to look young in a hanbok.

#modern hanbok blouse #cute look

Purple Hanbok Skirt


A handmade purple hanbok skirt that wraps to fit your body perfectly. Available with a blouse you can wear every day. But, it looks great with anything, even t-shirts.

#modern hanbok skirt #cute look

Hanbok Long Jacket


This hanbok long jacket is great when you want to look elegant at a PTA meeting or an art gallery. Don’t be surprised if they think you’re an artist. Just go with it!

#modern hanbok jacket #mature look

Floral Hanbok Dress


The Instagram killer. A light and flowy floral hanbok dress you can wear to a graduation or any special event. I love its classic but young look.

#modern hanbok #floral dress

For Men

Men’s Outer Hanbok Jacket


It’s like wearing a work of art. This minimalist mens outer hanbok jacket is great as office attire. It works with t-shirts and dress shirts.

#modern hanbok jacket #office look

Black Hanbok Jacket


Find your center while looking stylish. Black hanbok jacket calms you for meditation and reflection.

#korean jacket #modern hanbok

Men’s Daily Comfortable Hanbok Outfit


Street style that works all year round. This mens daily comfortable hanbok outfit is made for an afternoon at the park with the boys. BTS would approve.

#cute #comfy #modern hanbok

Men’s Casual Khaki Jeogori


A guaranteed hit at a party. Be comfy while getting noticed with this mens casual khaki jeogori.

#casual #khaki jeogori

For Couple or Gender Neutral Look

Modern Hanbok Bathrobe


What better way to spend some quality time with your SO than with matching modern hanbok bathrobes? Relax after a hard day’s work with a nice cup of Korean tea.

#stylish bathrobe

Did we miss anything?

Let us know your favorite Korean outfit in the comments!

4 thoughts on “19 Stylish Korean Outfits and Modern Hanbok”

  1. very very informative and very I threshing…just love korean culture and fashion….and korea movies and drama series… Fabulous.

  2. Beautiful outfits! I love them all! I’m hoping to relocate from England to Korea as soon as I’m able. I really want to do a TEFL course. I have no degree but plenty of experience working with children professionally. I’m 40 next year and have survived cancer a few years ago. I need to do this because it’s something I’ve wanted to do for such a long time. I will be relocating myself, 4 of my 6 children (two eldest are in university) and my husband who works for the local government. Tell me I’m not crazy? I just want my children to experience a different culture and maybe gain bilingual skills. I love working with children and hope to become a children’s mental health practitioner eventually. I’m hoping there’s some scope for it in Korea. I absolutely love your site and thank you for taking the time to create such wonderful and helpful content 🙂

    • Hi Tara,
      Awww, I’m so glad to hear that! Thank you so much for the kind words. You’re too nice. ^^
      It will be challenging but I think you should pursue your dreams.
      Maybe a quick solo trip to take the temperature of the country if you haven’t been yet?
      It can be a bit hard to get a visa sponsorship without a degree.
      The mental health sector is a growing industry in South Korea, so hopefully you can get into it as many children would benefit.
      Best of luck! ^^


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