26 Unique and Traditional Korean Gift Ideas for All

Korea is known for its rich history, vibrant traditions, and an appreciation for artistry, making it a great source of unique and impressive gift ideas.

Traditional Korean gifts aren’t always easy to find, but we’ve managed to curate the best ones you can order online.

From traditional gifts that pay homage to centuries-old customs to modern, trendy items, our hand-picked list will help you find the perfect Korean-inspired gift for any occasion.

Whether you want to get in touch with your Korean heritage or share some amazing culture with others, these gift ideas are for you.

Linguasia Etsy Unique and Traditional Korean Gift Ideas

Personalized 14K Solid Gold Korean Name Necklace, $141

Linguasia Etsy 14K Solid Gold Korean Name Necklace

This handmade personalized necklace has an elegant shine that goes with any outfit. It comes in 100% 14k Gold Filled, Sterling Silver, or Rose Gold Filled with 5 different chain lengths (14″, 16″, 18″, 20″, and 22″).

It’s the perfect gift for any jewelry lover. Just choose your custom Hangul Name, material, and diameter and they’ll do the rest.

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Vintage Checkered Jacket, $156

Vintage Checkered Jacket

Perfect for fall or spring, this vintage checkered jacket is sure to turn heads in the office or at a party.

Grey Modern Hanbok for Men, $133


You might recognize this grey hanbok set from one of your K-dramas. They’re 100% cotton washed and great for yoga or meditation sessions, or just lounging at home.

Mother of Pearl Jewelry Box with Mirror, $153

Lingua Asia_Etsy_Folding Mirror with Drawer

Need an exquisite box to house your jewelry set?

This lacquer jewelry box is a handmade product that comes with a folding mirror. It’s adorned with cranes and mountain scenes drawn with mother-of-pearl the traditional way.

The box itself is gorgeous enough to stand on its own without putting anything in it.

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Korean Sheet Masks, $19

Don’t be fooled by imitators, Mediheal is the leading sheet mask brand in Korea.

This set comes with Vita, Watermide, Collagen, Madecassoside, and Teatree which are proven to soothe and moisturize skin.

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Korean Snack Box, $42

From sweet to savory, Korea has an overwhelming variety of snacks! Picture sitting on the Han River with some delicious treats while watching the sunset.

This box will take you there. It’s the perfect sampler of popular snacks for your K-pop, K-drama obsessed friend.

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O’sulloc (오설록) Tea Set, $84

Lingua Asia_Etsy_Osulloc tea

O’sulloc tea is one of the most popular tea brands in South Korea. It’s perfect for treating yourself or your loved ones.

Have a cup of O’sulloc green tea after a steamy hot bath for the full spa experience. Their awesome tea cafe/shop is a must-do activity if you’re ever on Jeju or in Bukchon Hanok Village!

#Traditional #Korean Gift for Tea Drinkers

Korean Teapot Set, $98

Korean Teapot Set_Etsy

What better way to enjoy your favorite tea than with a personal teapot set?

The pieces are all handmade using Feldspar-Glaze by Jin San in Sacheon, Korea. Each set includes 1 teapot, 1 tea pitcher, and 3 teacups.

#Traditional #Korean Gift for Tea Drinkers

Korean Tumbler (Thermos), $54

Linguasia Etsy Korean Tumbler (Thermos)

Stay hydrated in style. This tumbler achieves the perfect harmony of traditional beauty and modern design.

Made of stainless steel, it’s adorned with mother-of-pearl in gorgeous floral motifs. This 8.66*3.15 inch tumbler makes a great gift for events!

#Traditional #Functional #Korean Gifts for Tea Drinkers

Chopstick Set, $54

Lingua Asia Etsy Bronzeware Cutlery Set

This is a classic gift for housewarming parties.

Metal chopsticks are a fundamental part of the Korean dining experience. Now you can enjoy them in the comfort of your own home.

#Traditional #Korean Gift for Foodies

Premium Korean Tableware

Linguasia Etsy Korean Traditional Tableware

Korean royalty used bronzeware tableware in the past. Now they make absolutely stunning gifts for anyone who’s into Korean food.

This handmade tableware set is traditional but durable, so no need to wait for special occasions to use them.

With this set, anyone can enjoy a luxurious Korean dining experience at home.

#Traditional #Korean Gift for Foodies

Korean Succulents, $59

Linguasia Etsy Korean Succulents

Korea actually grows its own succulents on Jeju Island.

You can order the same variety online now. A must for any gardening enthusiast!

#Rare #Korean Gifts for Gardening Enthusiasts

Celadon Vase, $192

Linguasia Etsy Celadon Vase

A celadon vase known as Cheong-ja that’s crafted from ceramic glazed in jade green color.

This is guaranteed to impress your in-laws or parents.

#Traditional #Korean Gift for Home Decor Lovers #Recommended for In-laws

Flower Bouquet, $68

Lingua Asia Dried Flower Bouquet on Etsy

Flower bouquets are popular gifts in South Korea.

This dried bouquet makes a perfect low-maintenance gift for flower lovers.

It’s beautifully arranged and will last for over a year.

#Beautiful #Gift for Home Decor Lovers

Korean Wall Art, $17

Korean Wall Art_Etsy

Printable gifts are great. You can download and print this Korean wall art within minutes.

These lovely art prints include flowers, trees, and calligraphy for a tasteful addition to any room.

#Contemporary #Korean Gift for Home Decor Lovers

Korean Wall Decorations, $48

Korean Wall Decor_Etsy

Minimalist handmade wall decorations are great for sprucing up any blank wall.

These feature patterns that adorned noble houses in days of yore. Now you can enjoy them in yours!

#Korean Gift for Home Decor Lovers #Gift for Friends

Korean Illustrated Map, $24

Illustrated Map of South Korea_Etsy

This cute watercolor illustrated map features regional animals, plants, and famous landmarks from Seoul to Jeju Island.

It’s the perfect addition to a nursery or child’s room that will spark curiosity.

#Modern #Korean Gift for Kids

Tiger Painting, $23

Tiger Painting_Etsy

My absolute favorite tiger painting! It shows a tigress, her two cubs and a leopard welcoming the sunrise.

More than just a pretty pic, it’s full of symbolism including longevity (pine trees), prosperity (tigress with her cubs) and good fortune (leopard).

#Traditional #Korean Gift for Home Decor Lovers

Hanbok Cards, $4

Linguasia Etsy Korean Hanbok Card

Want something affordable but guaranteed to impress?

These lovely Korean hanbok cards come in 8 different adorable designs.

#Cultural #Korean Gifts for Anyone

Bojagi Gift Wrap Cloth, $6

Linguasia Etsy Bojagi Gift Wrap Cloth

A reusable bojagi wrap (Korean traditional wrapping cloth) that makes an elegant addition to any picnic.

Each wrap is made with sturdy, authentic fabric and comes in Ivory, Peach, Cocoa, Green, Brick, Pink, or Light Blue.

#Cultural #Korean Gift Wrap

Pimsleur Korean, $20/month

pimsleur korean lesson 1

Pimsleur is great at teaching you grammar and vocab in the most painless way possible. Bottom line is, it works.

Each 30 minute lesson:

  • presents a conversation between two people in Korean
  • breaks it down into easily understandable parts
  • has you interact with the recording out loud until you can have the same conversation in real life
  • lessons build on previous ones to reinforce what you’ve learned

Hangul Cards, $24

Korean Hangul Card_Etsy

I’m simply in love with these stylish hangul cards. They’re great for children and adults who want to learn hangul the easy way.

They even teach stroke order and show example words.

#Gift for Korean Language Learners

Seoul Illustrated Book, $8

Lingua Asia Etsy Seoul Illustrated Book

This adorable book will teach you and your kids everything about Seoul from A to Z.

It’s a cute and informative guidebook that makes a nice gift for K-drama or K-pop fans as well!

#Gift for Korean Language Learners

Korean Alphabet Flashcards, $14

Lingua Asia Etsy Toddler Korean Alphabet Flashcards

These flashcards are an amazing learning tool for toddlers and preschoolers (or slow adults).

It’s a great gift for a baby shower or doljanchi as well!

#Gift for Korean Language Learners

Hanbok for Boys and Girls, $75

These traditional hanbok for girls and hanbok for boys are sure to make any special day memorable.

100% made in small quantities in Korea, they’re perfect for 100-day and dol (1st birthday) celebrations.

Sets come with everything you need including dol belt, shoes, hat, socks, norigae and fortune pouch.

#Korean Gift for Kids

Did we miss anything?

Let us know your favorite Korean gift ideas in the comments!

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