23 Swell Korean Gifts You Can Buy in the U.S.A. and Beyond

I’ve got good news and bad news for you.

The good news is you’ve come to the right place for sweet Korean gifts you can get in the states.

The bad news is, they’re in listicle format.

We’ve got all the hit items plus some unique experiences guaranteed to make those memories.

Lingua Asia_Swell Korean Gifts You Can Buy in the U.S.A. and Beyond

I’m going to cover the best Korean gifts if you live in the land of freedom.

I’ll even throw in ones you can find in Canada, New Zealand and the U.K. because, why not?

Let’s get started!

1. Suave hanbok bathrobe


Get some modern hanbok bathrobes in your life that will have you feeling like a Korean Hugh Hefner. I take that back; these are way classier, like something the rich evil stepmom in a K-drama would wear.

2. One of those purrty vases you see in K-dramas

Celadon Vase_Etsy

I’m quite partial to celadon vases and I don’t care who knows it. I’ve never actually seen anything put in them, but they sure add a touch of class and culture to any living room.

3. Socks!

Etsy korean socks

Seriously. Koreans make some good socks and no one knows why. Check out some shopping centers in your nearest K-town to see what I mean.

4. Fancy soju

Soju went from being a drink of kings to a drink of commoners to fancy again in the states. I swear that Jinro tastes better in K-town L.A.

5. The kindest green tea

Lingua Asia_Etsy_Osulloc tea

Korean green tea is like a warm hug for your soul. Pass that hug to someone else with the popular osulloc tea.

6. Boss tiger painting

Tiger Painting_Etsy

Tigers are great, but even better when they’re drawn in classic Korean style. Check out this tiger mama painting with feisty cubs.

7. Natural wall art

Korean Wall Art_Etsy

If tigers are a bit too intense for your dining room, try some tranquil pics of trees and flower wall art. Guaranteed to spruce up any space.

8. Succulents, Korean style!

Korean Succulent_Etsy

These adorable little plants grow in the cracks of volcanic walls on Jeju. You seriously need to check them out in their natural habitat.

Now you can get this succulent delivered to your door. They’re nearly murder-proof, so no worries if you have a bad track record with plants.

9. Pretty Korean ribbon accessory thing, Norigae

Hanbok Accessory Norigae_Etsy

Norigae is so elegant and graceful, sometimes I’m jealous that women get to wear them. But that’ll be our little secret *wink*

10. Greeting cards, the Korean way

Hanbok Card_Etsy

I didn’t realize how often Americans give cards until I moved to Korea. Now you can bridge the two cultures with Korean style hanbok cards for weddings and such.

11. Hangul clock

Hangul Clock_Etsy

Want to study Korean when you wake up first thing in the morning? This hangul clock will have you reading and telling time in no…right away.

12. Korean letters and stuff

Korean Hangul Card_Etsy

They say that learning another language gives you another soul, and it never hurts to have a spare just in case. Learn Korean alphabet the easy way with hangul cards!

13. Fancy eco-friendly wrapping paper

Bojagi of course! This sustainable and luxurious wrapping paper will raise the value of any gift, even spam!

14. The Korean fountain of youth

Red Ginseng_Etsy

For the aged among us, red ginseng will have you feeling ten years younger. There’s a reason why it’s the gift of choice for grandma and grandpa.

15. Korean gift baskets

Korean snack box gift

Gift baskets are big in Korea. They usually come with spam, shampoo or fruit. If you’re craving Korean snacks and ramyun, check out some you can order online.

Not all gifts have to be something you can grab. You can always head on down to your nearest K-town and give the gift of experience.

16. K-town shopping spree

An envelope of cash for anything that special someone wants in a Koreatown nearby. Bonus points if you end up with a visor and sunbrella.

17. Korean BBQ blowout (KBBQB)

Lingua Asia_Korean Food_Mu Saengchae

Treat yourself or a friend and tuck into some serious all-you-can-eat BBQ in K-town. The best part is doing the grilling yourself, until a disapproving ajumma comes and shows you how it’s done.

18. Pampering at a Korean Spa

Get the full course treatment of soak, sauna and suds. Finish with a body scrub brought to you by an elderly Korean man or woman.

19. Intense scavenger hunt in K-town

Use your best judgement here. Koreans are hospitable but they don’t appreciate nonsense. Just Google “rooftop Koreans” and you’ll see how seriously they take their business.

Maybe do this one after a few trips or keep it light and breezy with stuff like Korean ingredients and pictures of signs.

20. The gift, of song!

Lingua Asia_How does Noraebang work in South Korea

Buy an hour or two at noraebang and be a shtarr! Make sure to don a horse mask and do the accompanying dance.

21. Korean celeb skincare routine

Skincare is no joke in the land of the morning calm. K-pop idols and K-drama actresses are known to have skincare routines that take 10 steps.

From remover, cleanser, exfoliant to toner, serum, essence, moisturizer, eye cream, oil, mask pack, get the full treatment. Wait… Why do I know all this?…

22. Oh-so fun Taekwondo lessons

Give that special someone the best gift of all, sanctioned legal violence. It’s never too late to learn a jump spin kick.

23. K-town pub crawl

Lingua Asia_K-town pub crawl

Chart a course to intoxication through your local Koreatown. Make sure to end with some hangover stew and have your Uber on standby.

How to get Korean gifts sent to the U.S.A. or Canada

All of the gifts on this list can be sent to the United States and Canada! Some will even make it to the U.K., Australia and New Zealand for an extra charge.

Korean Christmas gifts to the U.S. or Canada

Christmas in Korea is more like a date night for couples. There are no specific Korean gifts for that holiday. You can still choose the items from above and have them delivered to the states and Canada.

If you want a more authentic Korean Christmas, make sure to get some ice cream cake! It makes sense, trust me.

What are some more Korean gifts I can give in the States or Canada?

Check out our post about 17 Korean Gift Ideas for each Holiday and Occasion.

25 One-of-a-kind Korean Gifts You Can Buy Right Now

What are some things I can do instead of buying Korean gifts?

Here are a few ideas:


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