Comfy Korean Fashion For Women You Can Buy Anywhere

Did you know that traditional Korean clothes fit all sizes?

Here are some Korean outfits that are comfy and stylish.

Don’t let the pics fool you, these items are one-size-fits-all!

Linguasia Comfy Korean Fashion For Women

Modern Korean Style

Vintage Checkered Jacket

Vintage Checkered Jacket

Perfect for fall or spring, this vintage checkered jacket is sure to turn heads in the office or at a party.

Oversized Corduroy Blouse


Look like a slacker with good grades on campus with this oversized corduroy blouse. It’s loose fit and comfy so it works great for Sunday brunch. This blouse matches any pair of pants too!

Long Sleeve Button Up Shirt

Linguasia Etsy Long Sleeve Button Up Shirt

Casual or formal, this loose fit shirt is so versatile. You can even wear it over a dress when the weather is changing and you want to stay warm.

Y2K Vintage Cardigan Sweater

Linguasia Etsy Y2K Vintage Cardigan Sweater

Great for late fall or early winter. It’s super soft, cute and matches with everything.

Seoul Sweatshirt

Linguasia Etsy Seoul Sweatshirt

Another cute but comfy item. This fun sweatshirt will look great with jeans or shorts.

Lambswool Reversible Jacket

Linguasia Etsy Lambswool Reversible Jacket

I love this slimming jacket that’s affordable and great for a weekend getaway.

Wool Winter Coat

Linguasia Etsy Wool Winter Coat

The perfect jacket for winter that’s functional and fashionable. It’s one of the coziest things you can wear while sipping a cup of hot cocoa.

Kitchen Apron with Pockets

Linguasia Etsy Kitchen Apron with Pockets

From the kitchen to the garden, this pinafore apron will make you feel stylish while being creative.

Modern Hanbok Style

Chulic Style Living Hanbok

Linguasia Etsy Chulic Style Living Hanbok

Such a beautiful downloadable pattern that’s easy to make! I recommend this product if you’re into sewing.

The finished product is elegant yet comfortable with a hint of culture.

Jeogori Hanbok Jacket

This gorgeous jacquard fabric jacket is great for both work and play. Sizing can be done using the diagram on the listing gallery.

Tweed Hanbok Jacket


Make an impression with a tweed hanbok jacket that’s stylish and professional. It adds an elegant touch to any dress while lengthening your legs. A personal favorite!

Dawn Navy Hanbok Dress


Versatile and sophisticated, I love this navy hanbok dress. It’s perfect for hosting that cocktail or engagement party. I would totally wear this outfit when I’m invited to a doljanchi.

Floral Hanbok Midi Dress


This floral hanbok midi dress is understated but vibrant. It’s a great look for attending a wedding or baby shower.

Purple Hanbok Skirt


A handmade purple hanbok skirt that wraps to fit your body perfectly. Available with a blouse you can wear every day. But, it looks great with anything, even t-shirts.

Hanbok Long Jacket


This hanbok long jacket is great when you want to look elegant at a PTA meeting or an art gallery. Don’t be surprised if they think you’re an artist. Just go with it!

Floral Hanbok Dress


Instagrammable is the word here. A light and flowy floral hanbok dress you can wear to a graduation or any special event. I love its classic but young look.

For Couples or Gender Neutral Look

Modern Hanbok Bathrobe


What better way to spend some quality time with your SO than with matching modern hanbok bathrobes? Relax after a hard day’s work with a nice cup of Korean tea.

More stores

If those aren’t enough, check out the following sites!


Evellet by Jstyle is all in on comfy clothes. Best of all, they have an English site, accept major credit cards, and deliver worldwide including the USA!

Evellet carries pretty much everything you’d want including trendy outfits, dresses, skirts, lingerie, and nightwear.

Be sure to refer to their size charts before ordering.


One of the larger stores that cater to women with curves in Korea, OKIRO means 5 kilograms in English. They specialize in casual and street wear for women of all sizes. Think oversized hoodies and high waist jeans.

OKIRO has everything except modern hanbok including sweaters, hats, and accessories to create the perfect look for you.

Their catalogue is massive so you’re sure to find the right outfit that expresses yourself.

This place is great if you live in Korea.


What started as an all-purpose clothing store has now narrowed its focus to slimming fashion in Korea. In addition to street and office wear, 09WOMEN has some great active wear and athleisure pieces that are hard to find in other sizes.

They also have an English website, accept credit cards, and deliver worldwide.


If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the previous stores, ROMISTORY and HOTPING might fit the bill. Just type in “빅사이즈” in the search bar and you can see their comfy pieces.

You can also just browse until you find something you like and use the size chart to make sure it’s the right fit.

Did we miss anything?

Let us know your favorite comfy Korean fashion for women in the comments!

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