25 One-of-a-kind Gifts on Korean Etsy

When you want to give a gift that’s sure to make an impression, Etsy is the place to go.

They have authentic items handmade by independent creators to wow any lover of Korean culture.

I checked out the entire Korean gift catalogue on Etsy and found the best ones.

Let the gift giving begin!

Korean Shopping Tips_One-of-a-kind Korean Gifts on Etsy
Hadong Tea Plantation, South Korea

It’s the thought that counts when it comes to gifts, but something original never hurts.

Best of all, most of these are handmade in Korea!

Gifts for Korean Art Lovers

Korean Illustrated Map

Illustrated Map of South Korea_Etsy

This cute watercolor illustrated map features regional animals, plants, and famous landmarks from Seoul to Jeju Island.

It’s the perfect addition to a nursery or child’s room that will spark curiosity.

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Tiger Painting

Tiger Painting_Etsy

My absolute favorite tiger painting! It shows a tigress, her two cubs and a leopard welcoming the sunrise.

More than just a pretty pic, it’s full of symbolism like longevity (pine trees), prosperity (tigress with her cubs) and good fortune (leopard).

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Korean Wall Art

Korean Wall Art_Etsy

Need a gift right now? Download and print this Korean wall art right away. These lovely art prints include flowers, trees and calligraphy for a tasteful addition to any room.

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Korean Wall Decorations

Korean Wall Decor_Etsy

These handmade wall decorations feature patterns that adorned noble houses in days of yore. Now you can enjoy them in your home!


Korean Hangul Clock

Hangul Clock_Etsy

A contemporary hangul clock that teaches you how to read Korean! It also comes in three colors and has adjustable light settings.

#contemporary #educational

Korean Laptop and Tablet Cover

Korean Laptop Cover_Etsy

Nothing better than a little old with a little new.

Check out these colorful Korean laptop/tablet covers with style. The sleeves are made with high-quality fluffy velvet that’s super soft with prints on both sides.


Korean Tumbler

Korean Tumbler_Etsy

These tumblers are the perfect harmony of traditional beauty and modern design. Made of stainless steel, they’re adorned with mother-of-pearl in gorgeous floral motifs. They come in two different sizes, 10oz and 17oz and make a great gift for events!


Gifts for Kids

Hanbok for Boys and Girls

These hanbok for girls and hanbok for boys are sure to make that special day even more memorable.

100% made in small quantities in Korea, they’re perfect for 100-day and dol (1st birthday) celebrations. The complete set comes with dol belt, shoes, hat, socks, norigae and fortune pouch.


Doljabi for Boys and Girls

Doljabi Kit_Etsy

Doljabi is a fun Korean tradition that’s said to predict your child’s future on their dol janchi (1st birthday party).

Objects are placed in front of your baby and the one chosen predicts their occupation among other things. The basic set comes with yarn, fortune pouch, medallion, colored hanji paper, coins, gavel, traditional book and paint brush.

But, feel free to stack the deck with your own!

Many Korean parents now add a microphone, so they can raise a K-pop star!


Gifts for Korean Fashion Lovers

Norigae (Hanbok Jewelry)

Hanbok Accessory Norigae_Etsy

Want the perfect accessory for your favorite hanbok? Try this 100% handmade jade norigae!

The jade piece features a hand-carved character 壽, meaning ‘life’ and pronounced “Soo”. Koreans used this to celebrate longevity.

Highly recommended for your special event!


Jade Ring

Korean Jade Ring_Etsy

This one-of-a-kind natural jade ring is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. It ties any hanbok outfit together with its unique stone and gold plating.


Grey Modern Hanbok for Men


You might recognize this grey hanbok set from one of your K-dramas. They’re 100% cotton washed and great for yoga or meditation sessions, or just lounging at home.


Gifts for Korean Craft Lovers

Hanbok Cards

Hanbok Card_Etsy

Want something affordable but guaranteed to impress?

These lovely Korean hanbok cards come in 6 different designs.


Bojagi Bag

Bojagi Bag_Etsy

A reusable, hand-knotted bojagi bag (Korean traditional wrapping cloth) makes a tasteful addition to any picnic.

Each bag is made with sturdy, authentic fabric and is meticulously knotted by the designer herself. Create the style of your choice with different knots.


Korean Cutlery Set

Korean Cutlery Set_Etsy

This cutlery set is made in Korea out of 18/10 stainless steel with titanium gold coating. They’re built to last and are resistant to rust, corrosion and dishwasher safe.

Look a little closer and you’ll notice a beautiful turtle engraving in the spoons that symbolizes longevity in Korean culture. They’re sure to elevate everyday meals into a fine dining experience.


Onggi Soy Candle

Korean Onggi Soy Candle_Etsy

This adorable onggi soy candle comes in a kimchi pot made the traditional way. It makes a charming addition to any bathroom or living room.


Gifts for Gardening Lovers

Korean Succulents

Korean Succulent_Etsy

I present, Echeveria Xichuensis Cluster, a rare imported Korean succulent. They’re the same ones you find on Jeju Island! A must for any gardening enthusiast!


Celadon Vase

Celadon Vase_Etsy

A celadon vase known as Cheong-ja that’s crafted from ceramic glazed in jade green color. This is guaranteed to impress your in-laws or parents.

#traditional #gift for in-laws

Red Ginseng

Red Ginseng_Etsy

Cheong Kwan Jang is like the GNC of Korea for your parents. Their Korean Red Ginseng Capsules are the must-have item that keeps you healthy and your in-laws happy.

#gift for in-laws

Gifts for Foodies

Bread Pot

Korean Bread Pot_Etsy

Fresh from the potter’s wheel in Korea to your personal bakery.

Great for making no knead bread and sourdough that requires high-hydration dough.

You can use this bread pot for the final rise and put it straight in a cold oven or heat the pot up to 230℃ and drop the dough in.

Works for cinnamon & raisin, cheese & pesto, sun-dried tomato and rye bread too!


Korean Teapot Set

Korean Teapot Set_Etsy

What better way to enjoy your favorite tea with a personal teapot set that will soothe your soul?

Handmade using Feldspar-Glaze by Jin San in Sacheon, Korea, the set includes 1 teapot, 1 tea pitcher and 3 teacups.


Gifts for Korean Weddings

Handmade Wedding Ducks

Korean Wedding Duck_Etsy

Want to make your Korean wedding gift memorable? A hand-carved Wedding Duck with traditional red and blue silk giftwrap (bojagi) will do the trick.

Ducks are a symbol of a matrimonial harmony and everlasting fidelity in Korea since they pair for life. A must for that special day.


Gifts for Korean Game Enthusiasts

Go Game Board Set

Korean Go Game Set_Etsy

A handmade go game set with a cherry finish. Comes with 181 walnut finish wood pieces and 180 maple finish wood pieces, plus an additional 10 more as spares. Guaranteed to please the strategist in your life.


Korean Language Learners

Hangul Cards

Korean Hangul Card_Etsy

I’m simply in love with these stylish hangul cards. Perfect for the children and adults who want to learn hangul the right way. They even teach stroke order and show examples.


Did we miss anything?

Let us know your favorite Korean gifts on Etsy in the comments!

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