6 Korean Finger Hearts by K-pop Idols

Korean finger hearts have become an art form.

They add some personality when posing for a selfie or group photo.

Here are the different meanings and variations of Korean finger hearts shown by K-pop idols!

Linguasia Korean Finger Hearts by K-pop Idols

1. The Easiest: Korean Hand Heart

Linguasia Jang Won-young Korean finger heart
Photo courtesy of Dispatch

The easiest, but most classic Korean heart gesture.

A Korean hand heart is created by putting your thumbs together at the bottom and arching the rest of your fingers.

Wonyoung of IVE showed her lovely image with a Korean hand heart on the way to KBS2 Music Bank rehearsal on the morning of October 27, 2023.

2. Trendy Kitty Finger Heart

Linguasia An Yu-jin Korean finger heart cat version
Photo courtesy of Star Today

A trendy, cute kitty version of the Korean finger heart.

A cat finger heart is made by creating the hand heart from above, then moving your index fingers backwards to form cat ears.

Yujin of IVE greeted fans with a Korean cat finger heart at the Music Bank rehearsal held at KBS in Seoul on the morning of the October 13th, 2023.

3. THE Korean Finger Heart

Linguasia Jisoo Korean finger heart
Photo courtesy of Ilyo Seoul

The Korean finger heart, created by pinching your thumb and index finger and crossing them.

Jisoo of Blackpink posed with this finger heart at the Lady Dior Celebration held at the Dior Seongsu store in Seoul on the evening of September 1, 2023.

4. Super Cute Bite Heart

This one’s full of Aegyo. The “bite heart” was invented by Chuu. It’s done by forming a circle with both hands and biting into it like a burger, creating a heart.

Chuu showed her signature bite heart at the showcase for her 1st
mini album in Seoul on the afternoon of October18, 2023.

5. Effortless Korean Cheek Heart

Linguasia Sunmi Korean finger heart
Photo courtesy of Sports DongA

Korean cheek heart is a finger heart variation created around the cheeks.

It can be done with either both hands or one hand.

Sunmi showed her charming cheek heart at the pre-show press conference of JTBC’s new entertainment show, Sing Again Season 3, in Seoul on the morning of October 26, 2023.

6. Oldie but Goodie: Big Heart

Linguasia Lee Hyori Korean finger heart
Photo courtesy of OSEN

An oldie but goodie, it’s a big Korean heart that goes over the head.

This pose is great as long as you’re not wearing anything sleeveless.

Lee Hyori showed her big heart at the VIP premiere event for Dr. Cheon and Lost Talisman held at CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall in Seoul on the afternoon of September 21, 2023.


What does the finger heart mean in Korea?

Finger heart refers to a hand sign frequently used by K-pop idols or Korean celebrities. It’s used to show their love to fans, and requested by photojournalists to capture more diverse expressions.

Are finger hearts romantic?

Korean finger hearts can be romantic. But they’re mostly used between friends or family members. They’re great for taking group photos when you don’t know what to do with your hands.

What is the Korean finger heart called in Korean?

Korean finger heart is called “son-gah-rak ha-teu (손가락 하트)” in Korean. The different variations have names though, such as “son ha-teu (손 하트)” for hand heart, “go-yang-yi ha-teu (고양이 하트)” for kitty heart, or “bol ha-teu (볼하트)” for cheek heart.


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