Epic Korean Mullets That Will Blow Your Mind

From the Romans to the Aztecs, every civilization has had their take on the mullet. And now, Koreans are getting in on the action.

Korean mullets aren’t just in style, they’re taking over with actors, models and K-pop idols leading the charge.

Lingua Asia Epic Korean Mullets That Will Blow Your Mind

Quick Summary

  • BTS Kim Namjoon Mullet
  • Big Bang G-Dragon Inspired Mullet
  • The Glory Jeon Jae-jun (Park Sung-hoon) Mullet

History of the Korean Mullet, AKA Wolf Cut

In Korea, mullets are also known as “wolfcuts“.

They were trendy in the mid-2000s, featuring overall light texture with a shaggy haircut.

Korean mullets came back once again in the late 2010s (up until now). They’re based on a two block haircut with short hair on the side, while adding overall volume.

1. BTS Kim Namjoon Mullet

BTS Kim Namjoon Asian Mullet

Kim Namjoon looks fresh to death with this edgy, yet sleek hairstyle.

It works because of the dynamic blend of lengths and textures. This mullet is wild enough for a good time, but respectable enough to bring home to meet your parents.

It features shorter hair on the sides and longer hair in the back, creating a deliciously stylish contrast.

Layering is your friend here as it adds dimension and movement to the style, creating a more dynamic look.

Use a flat iron or straightening product to achieve this sleek look. Finish off with a texturizing spray to add volume and hold.

Now you’re ready to look like a K-pop superstar.

2. Big Bang G-Dragon Inspired Mullet

Big Bang G-Dragon Inspired Asian Mullet

This one evokes memories of an 80’s hair metal band.

Big Bang’s G-Dragon has taken that style and made it his own.

Start by growing out your hair to medium length, keeping the top longer than the sides and back.

Next, trim the sides short, while leaving the top untouched.

The secret to this majestic mullet is adding some wavy texture on top.

Style it with some hair wax or gel to complete that messy look.

For more men’s perm ideas, check out this article!

3. The Glory Jeon Jae-jun (Park Sung-hoon) Mullet

The Glory Jeon Jae-jun (Park Sung-hoon) Mullet

This is that classic 90s Jackie Chan mullet.

It’s soft enough to grab some boba with a female friend but butch enough to throw down when necessary.

Actor Park Sung-hoon who played Jeon Jae-jun on The Glory nails this bad boy.

It all starts with a natural parted look by slightly exposing the forehead.

The trick is to sweep the bangs in C curls to soften things up a bit.

It looks modern with an As Perm as well.

4. Lee Joo Young Mullet

Lee Joo Young Mullet

It’s a new era, women can harness the power of mullets too.

Actress Lee Joo Young blew up with her “cool-girl charm” mullet. She had both men and women losing their minds.

Making your bangs longer and pointier than other mullets is this hairstyle’s charm.

It’s actually a quick and easy hairstyle that goes with a suit, leather jacket, or sweatshirt, or so I’m told.

It’s elegant enough to sport anywhere yet has a bold smart look.

5. SVT The8 Inspired Mullet

SVT The8 Inspired Asian Mullet

This hairstyle is too cool and sophisticated to be known as a mere mullet.

It’s the best of both worlds combining the edginess of mullets with the sleekness of Korean hairstyles that’s guaranteed to turn heads.

Part the hair ever slightly off center, revealing the forehead in all its splendor, and let the rest run wild.

It’s a versatile look that can be bent to your will, whether you want to go low-key or full on glam.

6. Blackpink Lisa Mullet

Blackpink Lisa Mullet
Photo courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar

Blackpink has hit that “can get away with wearing all denim” level of fame. They can do no wrong.

This is further illustrated by the ‘Lisa mullet’. It features a longer length in the back with shorter layers in the front. And it just works.

Her style showcases a modern twist on the classic mullet haircut, adding a trendy flair to the look.

A hairstyle speaks volumes about a person. And mullets say a lot. They say that the bearer is winning at life and doesn’t care who knows it.

Only one with a mullet really understands that business happens in front, while the party rages in back. They have their priorities straight.

Do mullets get you girls? There’s a first time for everything.

Like getting swole or driving a classic car, a mullet will only get attention from other males.

Case in point, hair stuff is the domain of my female partner, but she refused to touch this topic with a ten-foot barber pole.

So the task fell to me, and I jumped on it with enthusiasm reserved for MMA and other forms of violence.

I was surprised to discover that the Korean take on mullets is quite different from what I’m accustomed to.

They’re the french poodle of mullets but are somehow known as “wolfcuts” in Korea.

Korean mullets are cut short at the sides and left long in the back as one would expect, but they’re also perfectly textured, layered, and styled. They’re so fancy, one might not consider them mullets at all.

I was further shocked to learn that Korean women willingly get what can be loosely described as “mullets”. Now that’s equality.


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