15 K-pop Artists who are Killing it as Luxury Brand Ambassadors

Lingua Asia Kpop Artists who are Luxury Brand Ambassadors

K-pop is so big now, Korean celebrities are becoming the muses of luxury brands like Chanel, Dior, and Louis Vuitton.

These global high-end juggernauts are showing love for K-pop idols by giving out swag including stage costumes, personal clothes, as well as selecting them as models and ambassadors.

Let’s get to know the K-pop artists who just scream luxury when they walk in a room!

[Honorable Mention] G-Dragon: Chanel

Chanel house ambassador G-Dragon
Photo from Chanel Instagram @chanelofficial

The man Chanel loved.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Kwon Ji-yong or G-Dragon of Big Bang opened the door for K-pop stars to become luxury brand ambassadors.

Beloved by the late Karl Lagerfeld, GD has been invited to Chanel events since 2014.

He still has a special relationship with Chanel to the extent that the brand made a tribute outfit just for G-Dragon.

GDragon and Karl Lagerfeld
GD with Karl Lagerfeld


1. Jennie: Chanel

Jennie Chanel 1
Photo from Jennie’s Instagram @jennierubyjane

Jennie Kim of BLACKPINK has been a Chanel ambassador since 2017.

She is also known as the “Human Chanel” in Korea, which sounds better in the language.

Jennie just looks PERFECT in Chanel. She makes me want to go shop in Paris or something.

It’s almost like she was made to wear the brand.

2. Jisoo: Dior and Cartier

Jisoo Dior 1
Photo from Jisoo’s Instagram @sooyaaa__

Kim Ji-soo or Jisoo of BLACKPINK is the global ambassador and muse of Dior.

She’s got it all. Beauty, elegance, and the right attitude that has been praised by the house of Dior!

BLINK know what I mean when I say that the Dior family truly loves Jisoo. She’s basically a Dior princess.

3. Lisa: Celine

Lisa Celine 1

Who better to represent the rockchic style of Celine than Lalisa Manobal or Lisa of BLACKPINK?

Lisa is pretty, tall and thin with a “chic mood” as we say in Korea.

She’s been a global ambassador for Celine since 2020, and completely rocking it!

4. Rosé: Saint Laurent and Tiffany

Rose Saint Laurent 1

Stylish and lovely! Life’s not fair.

Park Chaeyoung, Roseanne Park or Rosé of BLACKPINK has been a global ambassador for Saint Laurent since 2020.

I know Rosé is a Korean-New Zealand singer, but she looks like a super rich, fashionable New Yorker who’s also adorable and trendy.



5. RM: Bottega Veneta

RM Bottega Veneta 1

Thanks to Chapter 2 of BTS, each member is becoming a luxury brand ambassador!

Kim Nam-joon or RM of BTS was chosen to rep Bottega Veneta in 2023.

The natural, sophisticated image of Bottega Veneta is PERFECT for RM who loves nature, art and has a calm style.

RM Bottega Veneta 2

6. Suga: Valentino

Suga Valentino 1

Min Yoon-gi or Suga of BTS is the new ambassador for Valentino and the NBA. Wow!

Anyone can see that Valentino’s style fits Suga.

Yoongi also likes Valentino for its brand value of pursuing diversity.

Suga Valentino 2

7. J-Hope: Louis Vuitton

J-hope Louis Vuitton 1

Jung Ho-seok or J-Hope of BTS has become the guy for Louis Vuitton.

He can handle everything, even profound designs, with a bold sense of fashion.

I hope Hobi comes back safely after his mandatory military service to show his cool fashion and dance moves on stage.

J-hope Louis Vuitton 2

8. Jimin: Dior and Tiffany

Jimin Dior 1

Park Ji-min or Jimin of BTS was appointed as a global brand ambassador of Dior in 2023!

I know everyone knows his reach, but it’s pretty incredible that even Dior stock prices shot up after the announcement.

Jimin looks great with the neat and clean style of Dior.

Jimin Dior 2

9. V: Celine

V Celine 1

Kim Tae-hyung or V of BTS lived up to his reputation once again as a Celine Boy with his “V-effect” that sells out everything.

It’s a scientific fact that he can pull off every high-end fashion brand.

But I’m still happy to see Taetae in Celine.

V Celine 2

10. Jungkook: Calvin Klein

Jungkook Calvin Klein 1

Jeon Jung-kook or Jungkook of BTS has become a Calvin Klein model and ambassador!

He’s the definition of cute and sexy, making him the perfect choice.

Thanks to Jungkook, Calvin Klein skyrocketed in sales, and their stock prices soared by 20%.

Jungkook Calvin Klein 2

Jin of BTS

Kim Seok-jin or WWH has been doing his military duty since last December. Post-military, fans are hoping that Jin will become a spokesperson for Thom Browne since he loves the brand.


11. Hanni: Gucci

Hanni Gucci 1
Instagram @gucci

NewJeans, a brand-new K-pop girl group, debuted in July 2022.

They’re off to a pretty good start as they’re already getting signed as luxury brand ambassadors.

18 year-old Hanni has been with Gucci since October 2022, going after that young demographic.

Hanni Gucci 2
Source: xportsnews

12. Hyein: Louis Vuitton

Hyein Louis Vuitton 1

The youngest brand ambassador for Louis Vuitton ever.

Not bad for being born in 2008.

Hyein of NewJeans exudes a mysterious charm that makes her a great choice for LV.

Hyein Louis Vuitton 2
Instagram @Elle

13. Danielle: Burberry

Danielle Burberry 1

Danielle of NewJeans has become a fashion diplomat for Burberry.

She looks grand and stylish with Burberry.

Danielle will definitely help the British fashion dynasty win the hearts of Gen Z.

Danielle Burberry 2


14. Yujin: Fendi

Yujin Fendi 1

An Yu-jin or Yujin of IVE became the new face of the upscale Fendi brand in 2023.

Yujin will be just right for Fendi, a global luxury institution that presents wonderful projects with creativity and an experimental spirit.

Yujin Fendi 2

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