The Art of Korean Body Scrub Explained by a Korean Girl

Korean body scrub does more than leave your skin glowing.

It’s a great stress-reliever and way to wind down after a hectic week. Korean body scrubs are the next best thing after therapy.

Here’s everything you need to know about Korean body scrubs.

Get ready to pamper yourself!

Lingua Asia Korean Body Scrub Explained by a Korean Girl

What is a Korean body scrub?

Lingua Asia Korean Body Scrub

Korean body scrub is a one-of-a-kind exfoliating experience, called “ttaemiri (때밀이)“.

It literally means “dirt or dead skin cells” + “scrub”, referring to physical peeling.

When you get a full scrubdown by a professional scrubber at a Korean spa, it’s called “seshin (세신)“.

Whether you do it yourself or not, it requires a “Korean Italy Towel“.

Insider Tip: Korean Italy Towel

Korean Italy Towel is an exfoliating mitt made of viscose fabric from Italy (obviously)! The fabric may be from Italy, but the mitt was invented in Busan by Kim Pil-gon in 1962.

This abrasive mitt is so effective and portable that I carry it in my suitcase wherever I go.

Oh, I almost forgot. No matter how gratifying it is, make sure to scrub GENTLY, and never use it on your face.

Are Korean body scrubs good for you?

Lingua Asia private bath and body scrub in Korea

The answer is yes and no.

Korean body scrubs can remove toxins, boost lymphatic and blood circulation, reduce cellulite, and lighten pigmentation, while smoothing out dry spots. It also leaves your skin silky smooth!

Since it physically removes old dead skin cells, it can keep everything sparkling clean. It also prevents clogged pores and acne, which are especially great for normal to oily skin.

If your skin is dry, inflamed, or you have psoriasis, or atopic dermatitis, approach with caution. It might be better not to scrub as it can irritate your skin.

But as long as you use Korean body scrubs gently, they give you shiny new skin while eliminating stress and anxiety!

How often should you scrub?

Lingua Asia Korean Bathhouse

I grew up going to public bathhouses and getting a full scrubdown once a week.

While some of my friends dislike scrubbing because it can be painful for sensitive skin, especially for children, I always loved it maybe ’cause I had an old soul. Or I enjoyed the whole experience of showering, soaking in a hot tub, scrubbing, showering again and drinking a banana-flavored milk at the end.

I’d recommend getting a Korean body scrub every 1-2 weeks or once a month. Not overdoing it is key.

Some Korean dermatologists advise limiting it to 3-4 times a year, because excessive scrubbing may irritate and dry out skin.

How do you use a Korean scrub?

Lingua Asia Korean bath salt

1. Soak your body in a hot tub for about 30 minutes to soften dead skin cells.

2. Use a Korean Italy Towel, and lightly scrub your entire body using gentle pressure.

3. Once you’re done scrubbing, use a body wash, then rinse.

4. Towel dry your body and promptly apply a generous amount of mild moisturizer.

Is it worth getting a body scrub at a Korean spa?


And, as my spa loving aunt says, you gotta treat yourself!

You’ll love it as soon as you get over the initial awkwardness of lying naked on a table in front of a stranger.

A professional scrubber will splash warm water, and fully scrub your body from head to toe.

Just close your eyes and relax.

When she gently taps your body (most likely, twice), it’s time to flip over.

If it feels too painful, make sure to ask her to be gentle.

After the scrub, your body will be washed with soap, and lightly massaged.

Where can I find a Korean spa in the United States?

Check out the article below for the best ones in the states approved by Koreans.

What else can I do in K-town after a spa?

Here are a few ideas:


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