Cute Korean Nail Styles for Each Season

Korean nail salons are found anywhere in the world.

That means you can get trendy nail art wherever you live!

Here are some popular Korean nail styles by season.

Lingua Asia Cute Korean Nail Styles You Need to Try

Korean nails are known for their creative art and clean styles.

Korean girls go for either CUTE or FEMININE (elegant) looks when it comes to nail art.

Also, since Koreans care about TPO (time, place, occasion), we tend to get seasonal nail styles to match the mood.

Just like with hair salons, I end up going to Korean nail salons even when I’m overseas, because of their attention to detail, cute designs, and affordability!

Popular nail shapes in Korea

Once you walk into a Korean nail salon, you’ll be asked to choose a nail shape after selecting gel nail vs. nail polish.

Most Koreans choose between “oval (or round)” and “square“.

Now “coffin” shapes, a.k.a. ballerina nails, are getting popular thanks to Hwasa of Mamamoo.

1. Nail Art Ideas for Spring

I’m not the only one who wants to shop in spring, right?

I have no idea what I wore last year, because I seem to have literally no outfits to wear now!

After shopping, I love to welcome springtime by getting my nails done.

Lingua Asia Spring French Nail Art

A classic nail style.

French manicure with a pastel pink is perfect for when flowers start to bloom.

This style is great for any occasion like job interviews or sanggyeonrye (a meeting between the families of a bride and groom).

Lingua Asia Spring Jelly Nail Art

Super cute jelly nail art will definitely give you that spring feeling.

Lingua Asia Spring Nail Charms

I love adding charms or stones when I get my nails done. They certainly elevate your mood, don’t they?

This color reminds me of forsythia, which is perfect for when the weather gets warm!

Lingua Asia Spring Syrup Nails

If you don’t want anything too obvious, syrup nails might be it for you.

They look so clean and elegant.

Lingua Asia Spring Nail Art Idea

What can be better than a daisy, glitter, and thin French nail combo?

This style works for both spring and summer!

2. Nail Styles for Summer

Summer is when you can get creative with your nails!

I love how nail styles can be vivid, pastel, glittery, and simply cute.

Lingua Asia Nail Styles for Summer

When you go to Korean nail salons, they’ll have their own nail art board you can choose from, just like the picture above.

Lingua Asia Summer Syrup Gel Nails

Syrup gel nails for summer!

You can pick a color that will cool you down in the hot sun.

Lingua Asia Summer Checkerboard Embossed Nails

Try these checkerboard embossed nails for summer.

Your nails will get noticed!

Lingua Asia Summer Jelly Nails

These jelly nails will look cute in both spring and summer.

They’re adorable, aren’t they?

Lingua Asia Summer Glitter French Nails

A refreshing and neat design with glitter French nails!

I love mixing and matching like this.

What to know about gel nails and nail polish

In Korea, you’re either getting gel nails or nail polish (Koreans call regular polish “manicure“).

Gel nails are cured using a UV or LED lamp (lasting up to a month), and nail polish is air-dried (lasting about 1-2 weeks).

Gel nails need to be removed at a nail salon, while nail polish can be taken off at home with remover.

Don’t get gel nails too often or your fingernails will become paper thin. When they feel too soft, take at least a month break. Applying a nail strengthening/nourishing polish helps too!

3. Korean Nail Art for Fall

Ahh, Fall. With leaves changing color and crisp air, autumn has a nice tranquil, melancholy vibe in Korea.

It’s a good time to get toned-down, matte colors, or checkered patterns.

Lingua Asia Fall Thin French Nails

This chic style with thin black and gold/silver French nails are perfect throughout the year, but especially in fall.

They’ll look great with an elegant black dress!

Lingua Asia Fall Checkered Nails

A checkered pattern that can’t go wrong in autumn.

Lingua Asia Fall Cute Checkered Nails

Another checkered design, but even cuter!

With relaxing colors and teddy bears as the star, this style will make your life stress-free.

Lingua Asia Fall Knit Nails

If you feel like dressing up, these luxurious and glam knit nails will be splendid.

Also, burgundy just feels like fall, right?

Lingua Asia Fall Glitter Nails

When you want to brighten things up during the harvest season, these cheerful metallic nails might do the trick!

4. Korean Gel Nails for Winter

With the many year-end parties, Korean women go for gorgeous and glamorous styles in winter!

Don’t be shy about nail charms and glitter!

Lingua Asia Winter Swarovski Crystal Gems and Thin French Nails

If you want an elegant look that isn’t too flamboyant, try these thin French nails with Swarovski crystal gems.

They’re the right amount of luxury!

Lingua Asia Winter Gold Tree Nails

This golden Christmas tree design is excellent for TPO, when you’re going to a Christmas or year-end party!

A nice sprinkle of glitter French nails is a bonus.

Lingua Asia Winter Gel Nails with Butterfly

Go big or go home.

I’d get this style in winter!

Lingua Asia Winter Gel Nails with Ribbon

I feel like this design rocks any time of the year.

It has it all. Looks clean, elegant, and cute with ribbons!

Lingua Asia Winter Gel Nail Idea

Are you going to meet up with a lot of friends in December?

Try this glam style and be the star!

Gel nail prices in Korea

Gel nails are pretty cheap and good in the motherland!

The price ranges from 30,000 won (22.94 dollars) to 50,000 won (38.24 dollars) depending on the design and number of gems (Koreans call them “parts(파츠)”) used.

No tipping required.

If you join their “membership” club and become a regular, you’ll get a discount as well.

When you need to get gel nails removed at a different salon, they charge an extra like 10,000 won (7.65), while they’ll do it for free at your usual.

5. Korean-style Wedding Nails

It’s probably the same all over the world, but Korean women want to look impeccable from head to toe on their wedding day!

Every Korean bride gets their wedding nails done with CLEAN and ELEGANT styles.

Lingua Asia Wedding Nails

Extremely neat design that looks luxurious with Swarovski gem stones.

Nail art is there to support your wedding dress, not to steal attention from it.

Lingua Asia Wedding Nails 2

Another tidy nail style for weddings.

Thin French nails with one gemstone to look neat, but fancy.

Easy and affordable way to get Korean nails?

Lingua Asia Gel Tips

When you don’t have time or money, these gel tips come in handy!

Online shops or Olive Young sell a bunch.

All you have to do is:

  1. Remove oil/moisture from your nails using the enclosed alcohol swab.
  2. Attach gel tips.
  3. Look fabulous!


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