K-pop Idols Who Nailed It with Nail Art

K-pop idols get dolled up from head to toe with their own nail art designs.

If you’re looking for nail styles to match your concert outfit, here are 10 girl group idols who nailed it!

Lingua Asia Kpop Idol Nails

1. Mimi of Oh My Girl

While most idols don’t get enough Vitamin D, Mimi of Oh My Girl found her style after soaking in some rays on the beach.

Mimi’s energetic and fun-loving vibe works well with her deep French nails in vivid (or mixed) colors.

They’re perfect for looking chic, cute and lively on summer vacation!

2. Nayeon of TWICE

Also known as “Human Vitamin“, Nayeon of TWICE has bright energy and a big smile for days.

She seems to enjoy simple, clean nail designs on the regular, but rocks stiletto or coffin-shaped nail tips on stage.

Nayeon is also known to use FINGER SUIT nail tips.

Where do K-pop idols get their nails done?

Most K-pop idols go to nail salons in Gangnam.

  • HYPNOZY Nail in Sinsa-dong: Le Sserafim, NMIXX, ITZY
  • Dashing Diva Nail Salon in Apgujeong: Red Velvet, IVE, Suzy

3. Karina of aespa

Karina’s beauty is on the next level 🎵!

Nicknamed “Human CG” for her surreal beauty, she enjoys glamorous nail styles.

I don’t know if mortals can pull it off like Karina, but I’d love to try her nail designs for year-end parties or K-pop concerts!

4. Hwasa of MAMAMOO

I can’t imagine Hwasa without her signature long nails.

You may think they’re not that long, but her nails are considered lengthy and quite rare in the land of the morning calm (random ajummas on the street will tell you to trim your nails)!

She always sports stiletto or coffin shapes to match her sexy and charismatic image.

5. Kwon Eunbi

A member of (disbanded) IZ*ONE, Kwon Eunbi debuted as a solo artist in 2021.

Recently, her song “Underwater” climbed back in the charts, after she performed it at Korea’s largest summer music festival, “WATERBOMB”.

Kwon Eunbi experiments with a wide range of styles, from neat to glam. Some designs might match your OOTD.

6. HyunA

A singer-songwriter, rapper and model, there’s no word to describe HyunA other than “iconic“.

You can probably see from the photos that she’s a legit nail art enthusiast.

HyunA loves kitsch fashion with her flamboyant nail designs.

I’d get these to highlight a concert outfit.


7. Jiwoo of NMIXX

An NMIXX member, Jiwoo is one of the idols who could become an actress. She’s that glamorous and pure.

Koreans prefer her minimal approach over the usual heavy idol makeup.

If you’re looking for something lovely, but unique, check out Jiwoo’s nails.

Her choice of nail art is never boring with just the right amount of flair.

8. Minji of NewJeans

Lingua Asia NewJeans Minji Nails
Source: Phoning

From a high school look to colorful sporty fashion, NewJeans is also killing it with Y2K-style nails.

Minji is classically beautiful with an innocent and graceful image.

I personally think she looks pretty with understated nail art.

For performances, Minji wears FINGER SUIT nail tips to match her retro, vivid outfits.

9. Sakura of LE SSERAFIM

An introvert cat-like visual member of LE SSERAFIM, Sakura loves chic and cute nail art.

She looks great in every concept and style, whether she has long/short or dark/blonde hair.

Sakura is partial to adorable nails with characters like Kuromi or Hello Kitty.

10. Yeji of ITZY

A leader and all-rounder of ITZY, Yeji has perfect cat eyes.

Depending on the styling, she can look innocent or give off a girl crush vibe.

Yeji looks great of course with cat-like sharp, long nails!


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