How to Pass your Korean Job Interview: Common Questions and Answers

How to Pass your Korean Job Interview

This step-by-step guide shows you how to ace your job interview at a Korean company. It includes frequently used questions and answers along with a template for the dreaded self-introduction.

We’ll also cover:

  • Essential tips for video and in-person interviews
  • How to make a good impression
  • What to avoid
  • And more!

I worked as an overseas recruiter in South Korea for five years. Here’s what I learned.

How to Pass your Korean Job Interview

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Getting What You Want With South Korean Negotiation Style (2024)

How to Negotiate Anything in South Korea

This step-by-step guide shows you how to negotiate salary and business terms in Korea. By understanding Korean negotiation style, you can avoid awkwardness and build good relationships.

It includes:

  • Getting a higher salary
  • Asking for a raise
  • Maximizing business meetings
  • What to avoid
  • And more!

I’ve been running a business in Korea since 2013. Here’s what I learned.

Let’s dive right it in!

How to Negotiate Anything in South Korea

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Things I Love About Living in Korea: 15 Pros (and 5 Cons)

15 Reasons Why You Should Live in Korea

Packing up all your stuff and moving to another country is a big decision, one that’s tough to make without knowing all the pros and cons.

This guide will explain the benefits and disadvantages of living in South Korea.

It covers:

  • Housing
  • Food
  • Things to do
  • Health and Safety
  • and more!

I lived in South Korea for ten years and even started a business there. Here’s what I’ve learned from the experience.

Let’s dive right in!

15 Reasons Why You Should Live in Korea

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How to Find the Best Korean Translation Company in 2020

Overwhelmed by the number of Korean translation companies?

Translation is estimated to be a 50 billion dollar industry in 2020.

There are thousands of translation companies in the world.

Most tackle every language under the sun.

Like going to a restaurant with a 10 page menu, they do everything, but nothing great.

That’s because they don’t specialize in one language pair and outsource to the lowest bidder. This makes sense given their high fixed costs, including office space, employees, advertising, etc.

Korean translation company

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The Top 15 Translation Blogs to Inspire you

Looking for a good translation blog?

Translators are an afterthought to most.

Even though every product you encounter has required translation in some form before it reaches you.

Fortunately, there are translators who provide vital info on the industry.


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