23 Korean Banchan (반찬) to Spice Up Your Meals

Ever wonder about those small dishes Koreans eat?

This blog post covers all you need to know about banchan including:

  • the best types
  • why they’re unique
  • banchan do’s and don’ts

Banchan make any meal a joy.

Let’s check them out!

Korean Banchan to Spice Up Your Meals

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Korean Ssam (쌈) and the Art of Eating Healthy Food

Want to get rid of that salad bag that’s been sitting in your fridge?

This post covers everything about ssam (Korean lettuce wrap) including:

  • Different types of ssam
  • How to eat them
  • Which foods go well with them
  • Where to find them

Ssam is a tasty way to get your veggies.

Let’s dive right in!

Easy Korean Culture Ssam (쌈)

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What’s the Deal with Subeesu (서비스) in Korea?

Not sure why you keep getting free stuff at Korean restaurants?

This post is all about the wonderful concept of subeesu.

It includes:

  • how to get it
  • what to do after
  • and more!

Subeesu blew my mind when I first found out about it.

Let’s get started!

What's the Deal with Subeesu (서비스) in Korea

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The Easy Way to Save Money in Korea with an MVNO (알뜰폰) Plan

How to Switch to 알뜰폰 (MVNO) Plan [2021]

Want to save money while living in Korea?

This guide walks you through the MVNO (알뜰폰) registration process. It can save you hundreds of dollars a year on your phone plan.

We’ll go over how it works, why you should switch and where to find a plan.

I registered for 알뜰폰 and it’s working out great.

Let’s check it out!

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10 Best Korean Language Apps: Free and Paid Ones (2023)

Want to learn Korean between scrolling through Instagram or Reddit?

There are hundreds of apps that will teach you from the comfort of your smartphone. You can even learn Korean from a passive-aggressive cartoon owl. What an age we live in.

The problem is, which one’s right for you? Too many Korean language apps, so little time.

Learning Korean with apps is like going on a treasure hunt with pieces of a map. Each one tells you something, but won’t get you all the way.

I’m here to help put them together!

Lingua Asia_Korean Language Apps That Actually Work The Best Free and Paid Ones

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How to Pass your Korean Job Interview: Common Questions and Answers

This step-by-step guide shows you how to ace your job interview at a Korean company. It includes frequently used questions and answers along with a template for the dreaded self-introduction.

We’ll also cover:

  • Essential tips for video and in-person interviews
  • How to make a good impression
  • What to avoid
  • And more!

I worked as an overseas recruiter in South Korea for five years. Here’s what I learned.

How to Pass your Korean Job Interview

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BS-Free Pimsleur App Review by a Long-time User (2023)

You may have noticed we’re pretty big on Pimsleur here.

The main reason being it works.

Pimsleur is especially effective for East Asian languages like Korean and Japanese, which are tough for English speakers.

Learning a second language is a lifetime endeavor. There’s no magic bullet.

Pimsleur is a specialized tool that helps jump start your journey and saves you months of frustration.

Here’s a personal review of the Pimsleur app.

Lingua Asia_Pimsleur Review Best Korean Language Learning App

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