Old and New Korean Hangover Cures To Take the Pain Away

So you’ve been naughty and want it all to stop?

Koreans have a whole category of dishes dedicated to making you hungunder.

Here are ways experts have been staving off hangxiety for centuries.

Lingua Asia Traditional Korean Hangover Cures To Take the Pain Away

We’ve all been there. Waking up in a daze and wondering what you said last night.

Time + fluids will cure a hangover, eventually. But what if there were a way to avoid paying the piper?

4. Tonics

Korea has no shortage of tonics and potions easily found at CU and other convenience stores. There are ones for pregame and postgame.

  • Condition (They even have a gel-stick now!)
  • Bae Juice
  • Oriental Raisin Tea
  • 808 Dawn
  • Morning Care
  • Heotgaecha

Does any of this stuff work? Maybe.

Everyone’s body is different, so what might work for you, might not work for me and vice versa.

3. Ice Cream

Lingua Asia Parfaits in Sapporo, Japan

Not what most people think of when it comes to hangover cures (I didn’t know this was a thing until I went to Sapporo and hardened oyajii were eating parfaits at midnight).

Gyeondo Bar happens to contain 0.7% oriental raisin tree fruit juice, which is supposed to hydrate you.

I don’t know if this works, but at least you get some frozen comfort to ease the pain.

Fun Fact

Koreans have their own drinking games that break the ice.

In college, sunbae who have a crush on you, will take you to an ice cream shop like Baskin Robbins while everybody’s drinking. Romance.

2. Sauna

Sweat it out the old-fashioned way.

Many cultures use this method, but Jjimjilbang or Korean spas have wet, dry, salt, and ice rooms that will help you recover from the aftereffects of your epic night out.

I spent many an early morning being comatose in the corner of a hot tub while entire families regarded me with pity.

It works well enough and you get to be relaxed while you purge the sin juice.


There’s such thing as too drunk for the sauna. Be sure a few hours have passed since your last drink or you might be refused entry.

1. Haejangguk

All that meaty, veggie, soupy goodness

For 5 years I had a Sunday morning ritual. I would drag myself out of bed, jog/limp to the park for some elderly elliptical action, then finish off with a nice, hot bowl of Bbyeo haejangguk.

I would feel right as rain after that.

A quick ice americano and my day would be set.

Lingua Asia Richard with Ppeyo Haejangguk
My favorite Ppyeo haejangguk restaurant, Domadari

This method stops the shakes and halts all withdrawal symptoms right away.

I would even go so far as to say it’s the perfect food since it tastes great, costs little, and is actually pretty healthy.

If it doesn’t tickle your fancy there are tons of other dishes in the haejang category.

  • Kongnamul-Guk (bean sprout soup) This one is vegan!
  • Bugeotguk (dried pollock soup)
  • Seonji Haejang-guk (soup with congealed oxblood)
  • Bok-guk (pufferfish soup)
  • Jaecheop-guk (golden freshwater clam soup)

Korean moms know best!

Korean moms are the true masters of curing hangovers for the whole family (But especially for husbands)!

They’ll first give you honey tea that Koreans call “Honey Water (꿀물)“. The recipe is super simple: boil hot water and add a spoonful of honey! Sugar and water will speed up the breakdown of alcohol and alleviate headaches.

The next morning when you wake up with hangover, Korean moms will cook you “Bean Sprout Soup (콩나물국)” or “Dried Pollack Soup (북엇국)“. As typical home-cooked remedies, Bean Sprout Soup rich in aspartic acid, and Dried Pollack Soup containing methionine break down acetaldehyde. Even without the science, they’re just tasty and soothe your soul!

Other methods

These aren’t specifically Korean, but I’ve found that they work all the same.

One drink, one water

It’s simple. Just drink a glass of water for every adult bevvy you consume. Sure, you’ll be spending a lot of time in line for the restroom, but that time will also be of the non-drinking variety. Korean pharmaceutical salespeople live and die by this one.

Start earlier

Your body will process alcohol before activating deep REM sleep. Get things started quicker by drinking and finishing earlier to avoid some of the withdrawal symptoms. This one’s used by Korean teachers to sober up before class.


Hangovers hate this one trick

Reserved only for countries with affordable medical care. You can simply get some fluids injected straight into your veins for an instant hangover disappearing trick.

And ALL the Koreans use this one for any number of reasons. You’ll see a lot of pics of IVs in forearms on social media when you start making Korean friends. Weird flex huh?


Go out one night and explain to your friends that you want to hang, but don’t want to do bad things to your liver.

You can order soda water and lime to still look like you’re one of the tribe.

Sure, they’ll razz you, but they’ll understand if they’re actually cool.

I went to my 20-year high school reunion as sober as a judge, and it was easier than you’d think. Being of sound mind when everyone is drunk is a superpower, because you’re immediately better spoken and more thoughtful.

The only downside is you’re designated driver for life in a car full of festive people.


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