Korean Furniture You Need in Your Home

Korean furniture made with Mother of Pearl and Pine are a tasteful addition to any home.

Here are 7 high-quality items you can find in the US, UK, Canada and Australia!

Lingua Asia_Korean Furniture You Need in Your Home

1. Folding screen

Lingua Asia_Etsy_Sagunja_Folding Screen

Nothing says classy like a Korean folding screen.

A traditional folding screen (병풍 or byungpoong) used to be decorative and wall-width. You might’ve seen one on a historical K-drama. A noble or royal family member is always sitting in front of these nice screens, probably plotting something while enjoying snacks.

Now Koreans mainly use folding screens for ancestral rites. But don’t let this stop you from getting one for decorative purposes.

Check out this starter mini screen (36.22 inches x 10.24 inches when opened) featuring “Sagunja”, the Four Gentlemen or Four Gracious Plants: plum, orchid, chrysanthemum and bamboo! If you like the small size, you can consider getting the wall width sized screen.

2. Wall decorations

Korean Wall Decor_Etsy

Need to spice up an empty wall? Try some Korean wall decorations.

They’re cultural while being minimal and modern to match any interior design.

You’ll love this beautifully crafted wall décor!

3. Table

lingua asia_etsy_korean table

Lacquer and mother of pearl will change how you live.

This small-sized portable Korean table is so beautiful that it’s perfect for some well-deserved me-time, and/or to wow your guests.

Whether alone or with a friend, enjoy this high-quality table at home!

4. Jewelry box

lingua asia_etsy_lacquer jewelry box

Need an exquisite box to house your jewelry set?

This lacquer jewelry box is a handmade product made from sea shells.

If you have no jewelry to put in it, no worries! The box itself is gorgeous enough to liven up your living space.

5. Table lamp

lingua asia_etsy_table lamp

Want a bedside or table lamp that’s sure to soothe you to sleep with soft lighting?

Check out this real wood carved lamp that resembles a traditional Korean house (windows and giwa roof).

Each side features Sagunja (four plants) as well!

6. Chopsticks box

lingua asia_etsy_chopsticks box

This chopsticks box is a great gift when you need to impress someone on a budget.

The piece is made with handcrafted wooden lacquerware inlaid with mother-of-pearl. A pretty fancy place to put your chopsticks.

You can actually put anything in this beautiful box, we won’t tell!

7. Folding mirror with drawer

Lingua Asia_Etsy_Folding Mirror with Drawer

You can never have too many mirrors! Get one more folding mirror in a jewelry box with a drawer.

With a serious Korean antique vibe, this timeless masterpiece is adorned with a crane and pine tree drawn with mother-of-pearl.

It’s a perfect wedding gift or present for your Korean in-laws!


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