My Favorite Trend in Korea: The Meaning of Hokangseu (호캉스)

This post covers what hokangseu means and how Koreans are enjoying it to the fullest.

It includes:

  • definition of hokangseu
  • when you need it
  • how to maximize it

Hokangseu has been one of my guilty pleasures for a while now.

Let’s find out more!

My Favorite Trend in Korea Hokangseu

What is hokangseu?

Lingua Asia_Korean Trend_Hokangseu

Hokangseu (호캉스) is a Konglish word that is a combination of “hotel (텔)” + “vacance/vacation (바캉스)”.

It means “hotel staycation” or “staycation at hotel”.

When do you need hokangseu?

Lingua Asia_Korean Trend_Hokangseu_Tub
  • When you’re stressed from work
  • When you need a getaway or retreat
  • When you’re too tired to drive or travel far
  • When you need me-time
  • Whenever you want!

How do Koreans enjoy hokangseu?

Have you seen an itinerary made by a Korean person on vacation? It’s extremely tight.

Most people plan hour by hour to maximize a trip. In Europe, they’ll often spend an afternoon in a city before going to another.

Just like with trips, Koreans tend to enjoy hokangseu to the fullest.

Koreans most likely:

  • check in on time
  • go swimming
  • order room service
  • enjoy the deep soaking tub
  • drink a cocktail or wine at a hotel bar or in the room
  • use a mask pack for their skin
  • eat breakfast buffet at the hotel
  • work out or swim one more time
  • check out on time or ask for late check-out

Hokangseu Tips?

Look for hokangseu packages on your favorite hotel’s website.

Request a quiet room on a high floor, especially when the hotel is located in the middle of the city.

Bring a mask pack or bubble bath bomb for full relaxation.

Play your favorite jazz or classical music while in the room.

Kindly ask for late check-out.


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Did we miss anything?

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2 thoughts on “My Favorite Trend in Korea: The Meaning of Hokangseu (호캉스)”

  1. 선생님의 가사를 읽고 즐가웠어요. 우리 한국 휴가가 8월 계획하려고해요.
    유명한나 중요한 곳 관련 제안해주 실까요?


    • 안녕하세요, 댓글 감사합니다!
      한국 휴가를 서울로 가시면 이 서울 여행가이드 포스팅도 확인해 보시면 좋을 것 같아요.
      휴가 기간이 넉넉하시고 바닷가 휴양을 원하시면 양양, 부산, 제주를 추천해 드리고, 문화에 관심이 많으시다면 (서울에서 멀긴 하지만) 경주도 유명해요.
      멀리 이동하는 게 부담스러우시면 서울 여행 + 파주(DMZ 투어)도 좋을 것 같습니다!
      휴가 재밌게 잘 다녀오시길 바랄게요! ^^


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