7 Korean Plus-Size Models Who Are Redefining Beauty

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Here are 7 Korean plus-sized models who are bringing body positivity to the land of the morning calm.

Lingua Asia Korean Plus-Size Models Who Are Redefining Beauty

1. Kim Geeyang (김지양)

Korean Plus Size Model Kim Geeyang
  • Born: July 22, 1986
  • Height:  5’38” (165 cm)
  • Instagram: @plusmodel

Kim Geeyang is the very first Korean plus size model.

She also runs the plus size fashion culture magazine, “66100“, as the editor-in-chief.

Not too shabby for someone who was told they’d never make it in fashion.

Geeyang faced so many obstacles to become a model in Korea, but she was unstoppable.

She learned about plus-size models in Europe and the United States, and sent out her profile pictures and cover letters to agencies.

Then, she made her modeling debut at 2010 Full Figured Fashion Week in LA and the rest is history.

Geeyang is now an activist of appearance diversity and inclusivity in South Korea where there’s still a one-size-fits-all beauty standard.

She’s a pioneer of bringing body positivity to Korea.

2. Gopa (고파)

Korean Plus Size Model Gopa
  • Born: August 6, 1994
  • Height: 5’7” (170 cm)
  • Instagram: @gopa.noona

I never thought Koreans could be this voluptuous until I saw her!

Using the stage name, “Gopa“, Jeon Ji Eun is a South Korean plus size model and internet BJ (Broadcast Jockey) on Africa TV.

Originally, she used the stage name “nan_baegopaahh”, which means “I’m hungry”. But, she shortened it to “Gopa” for her overseas fans.

Jeon Ji Eun participated in the 2021 Maxim Natural Size Model Contest (which was renamed to Maxim Plus Size Model Contest the following year). She won first place in preliminary online voting, popularity award, and was crowned Miss Maxim.

Since then, she’s been invited to Maxim parties and featured in numerous magazines.

3. Moon Subyul (문서별)

Korean Plus Size Model Moon Subyul

Moon Subyul is another trailblazing Korean plus-size model who’s all about healthy beauty.

As a happy dieter, she works out A LOT and believes in “never changing who you are for others”.

Subyul practices what she preaches. Despite many fans asking her to participate in the Maxim Plus Size Model Contest, she decided against it because she wanted to promote empowerment on her own terms.

Once a chubby kid who tried to hide it, now a beautiful plus-size model embracing her own beauty.

Moon Subyul’s ultimate goal is to create her own brand. I have a feeling she’ll do just fine.

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4. Ssunbiki (썬비키)

Korean Plus Size Model Ssunbiki
  • Born: December 7
  • Height: 5’7” (171 cm)
  • Instagram: @ssunbiki

Ssunbiki is a plus-size model, YouTuber and BJ on Africa TV from South Korea.

Not just a pretty face, she’s also a business woman who runs a clothing brand specializing in jeans for curvy people, “pelfit_jeans“. Ssunbiki is also is known for having a mean walk on the runway and not shying away from bikinis.

She participated in the 2021 Maxim Natural Size Model Contest, was crowned Miss Maxim with Jeon Ji Eun (Gopa) and received the grand prize. Ssunbiki became the cover model for the August 2021 issue of Maxim.

In July 2023, she formed the team “Curvenus” with glamorous models (Ssunskey, Gopa and Choi Soyeon). Because what better way to celebrate curves than with friends?

5. Ah Seungyeon (아승연)

Korean Plus Size Model Ah Seungyeon
  • Born: February 22, 1993
  • Height: 5’6” (168 cm)
  • Instagram: @aky__life

A plus-size model from Busan, Ah Seungyeon is a model by profession, but very active on YouTube and Instagram.

She participated in the 2021 Maxim Natural Size Model Contest, then the 2022 Maxim Plus Size Model Contest again to win the grand prize.

In addition to being crowned Miss Maxim, she became the cover model for the August 2022 issue of Maxim.

Her favorite sport is kickboxing and her role model is Beyoncé!

6. Oh Dawoon (오다운)

Korean Plus Size Model Oh Dawoon
  • Born: October 29, 1996
  • Height: 5’4” (162 cm)
  • Instagram: @odw_00

Oh Dawoon is a plus-size model and influencer from South Korea. She’s also super adorable.

Oh Dawoon shares a lot of fashion tips and looks for curvy girls on her Instagram. I like how she shows cute, casual, and daily outfits that are wearable!

Her message of self-love and acceptance while enhancing one’s natural beauty is great for women everywhere.

Oh Dawoon also participated in the Maxim Plus Size Model Contest in 2021 and 2022.

7. Hari (하리)

Korean Plus Size Model Hari
  • Born: October 24
  • Height: 5’7” (171 cm)
  • Instagram: @hip._.hari

I wasn’t sure that she’s plus-size, but her hourglass figure (37-27-42 inches) suggests otherwise.

Hari is a Korean plus-size model and influencer extraordinaire.

Participating in the 2023 Maxim Plus Size Model Contest, she won 3rd place in the preliminary online voting and was crowned Miss Maxim.

When Hari was younger, she struggled with her hip size, but now she says it’s one of her biggest assets.

Did we miss anything?

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