How to Find the Best Korean Translation Company in 2020

Overwhelmed by the number of Korean translation companies?

Translation is estimated to be a 50 billion dollar industry in 2020.

There are thousands of translation companies in the world.

Most tackle every language under the sun.

Like going to a restaurant with a 10 page menu, they do everything, but nothing great.

That’s because they don’t specialize in one language pair and outsource to the lowest bidder. This makes sense given their high fixed costs, including office space, employees, advertising, etc.

Korean translation company

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The Top 15 Translation Blogs to Inspire you

Looking for a good translation blog?

Translators are an afterthought to most.

Even though every product you encounter has required translation in some form before it reaches you.

Fortunately, there are translators who provide vital info on the industry.


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How Korean is Becoming Two Languages

north korean south korean government

Want to know the differences between North and South Korean languages?

Koreans used to speak a common tongue, but decades of separation have led to some interesting variations.

Find out how and why the Korean language is changing.

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