45 Korean Teas to Soothe Your Soul and Where to Buy Them in the States

Looking for the perfect Korean tea to start your day or unwind in the afternoon?

There are at least 45 to choose from!

Tea is kind of a big deal in Korea. Locals have been boiling random roots, leaves and berries for centuries and have gotten pretty good at it.

We’ll explore the flavors and benefits of Korean tea and:

  • Why they’re unique
  • History of tea in Korea
  • The best types
  • How to buy them in the states and elsewhere

I grew up drinking Korean tea (it’s considered water here), and recently did a green tea plantation tour all across the country.

Here’s what I’ve learned!

Lingua Asia_Korean Teas to Soothe Your Soul and Where to Buy Them in the States

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9 Best Tteokbokki Types at a Korean Restaurant

Lingua Asia_Everything You Need to Know About Tteokbokki

Tteokbokki is the SOUL FOOD of South Korea.

I never get homesick abroad, but I do miss going to a Tteokbokki restaurant sometimes.

It’s the mortal enemy of dieting that has many Koreans, including K-pop stars, struggling to resist the delicious carb bomb.

Find out which types are the best to order at a Tteokbokki restaurant and why they’re so tempting and addictive!

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How to Enjoy Korean Spas (Jjimjilbang) Like a Pro

Korean spas are the second best thing to do without your clothes on (the first being yoga of course).

You get digital detox, me-time and glowing skin all in one neat package.

It’s no surprise that Korean spa culture is a big hit around the world. There are ones in Irvine, California that look exactly like jjimjilbang you’ll find in Seoul.

They’re simply the place for full relaxation no matter where you live. Best of all, you’ll overcome your fear of being nude in front of strangers!

Lingua Asia_The Complete Guide to Korean Spas

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15 Ways to Have the Best KBBQ Experience

Nothing beats grilling and not having to clean up after. Except when you add some bottomless side dishes, tasty stews, ice cold booze and a kind but firm Korean lady to help out when you’re doing it wrong.

KBBQ is the backbone of Korean civilization. It’s more than just a meal, it’s a total experience that delights all the senses.

Whether you’re in the mood to celebrate or it’s just a Tuesday, you can’t go wrong with KBBQ.

Lingua-Asia_Guide to Have the Best KBBQ Experience

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How To Look Like a Superstar in Modern Hanbok

Modern hanbok is one of the best things to come out of Korea in the last few years.

Traditional hanbok used to be something I’d wear on holidays as a kid. It was fun but a lot of work to get me into one.

It’s great to see hanbok making a comeback in a more practical and stylish way.

This post explains the modern hanbok trend in South Korea.

Let’s check it out!

Everything You Need to Know about Modern Hanbok
Image: YouTube

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How to Move to South Korea in Style: 31 Insider Tips [2022]

Not sure what to expect when you move to Korea?

Not to worry, this post will make it a breeze.

It includes:

  • Where to Live
  • What to Pack
  • What to Avoid
  • and more!

I’ve moved to Korea twice (2006 & 2020) and collected inside tips from locals and expats over the years.

Here’s what I’ve learned!

Lingua Asia_How to Move to Korea

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