9 Things You Should Know Before Taking a Business Trip to Korea

Lingua Asia 9 Things You Should Know Before Taking a Business Trip to Korea

So you’re going on a business trip to South Korea.

Lucky you!

I’m going to cover the basics of business travel to Korea including:

  • what to know
  • what to avoid
  • where to stay
  • how to get there
  • how to sneak in some fun

Korea is a great place to mix business with pleasure.

Let’s get started!

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6 Must-Do Activities in Koreatown, Philadelphia

Lingua Asia Must-Do Activities in Koreatown, Philadelphia

Philly is well-known for its bustling Center City, the heart of Philadelphia, which hosts a myriad of attractions, such as the PMA, the Reading Terminal Market, and Philly Chinatown. But a short drive away from Center City, you’ll find the neighborhood of Olney, home to Philly’s Koreatown.

In Koreatown Philadelphia, you’ll enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere (and more parking), but the food quality will be just as good (if not better).

Get ready to eat your way through Philadelphia’s Koreatown because we have six must-do activities for your visit to Koreatown in Philly!

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How to Cook Perfectly Sizzling Korean Meals with Dolsot

SCORCHING or ICY, Koreans love extremes when it comes to food.

Dolsot is the kitchenware of choice when cooking sizzling hot Korean dishes.

I’ll explain what dolsot is and how to get an authentic Korean dining experience with it.

Now, let’s dig in.

Lingua Asia Dolsot Explained

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50 Best Korean Gift Ideas for each Holiday and Occasion (2023)

Need some cultural Korean gift ideas that are sure to please (or maybe something yourself ^^)?

This post will help you find the right gift for Koreans and anyone interested in the culture.

I grew up in South Korea and have been known to give a gift or two.

I’ll cover:

  • what to give in each situation by age group and gender
  • modern and traditional gifts that are sure to please

Let’s get started!

Lingua Asia_Korean Shopping Tips Perfect Gift Ideas

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The Ultimate Guide to Doing Business in South Korea (2023)

This post covers everything you need to know about Korean Business Etiquette.

It explains how to have a successful business meeting including:

  • What to wear
  • What to say
  • What to bring
  • How to act
  • and more!

I worked at a Korean company for 5 years and started a business I’ve been running since 2013.

Here’s what I’ve learned!

modern Korean business etiquette

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Easiest Way to Get a Tax Refund in Korea: Step-by-step Guide (2023)

Want to get in on that sweet tax refund action while visiting Korea?

This post shows you how!

It covers:

  • How much Korean tax refund is
  • How they work
  • Where to get a refund
  • How to get an immediate refund
  • And more!

Tax refunds overseas are complicated by design, and Korea is no exception (I had to read instructions in Korean and English to understand).

Strap yourself in and prepare to be confused, but hopefully get one in the end.

Let’s check it out!

A Step-by-step Guide to Korean Tax Refunds 2020

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