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East Asian Languages are difficult to translate into English. Written Chinese alone has over 50,000 characters based on a completely different way of thinking.

To overcome this challenge, all of our translators pass a five-point screening. We give them an assessment for translation accuracy, clarity and localization. We also gauge their turnaround times and overall communication skills.

Rather than focusing on a translator’s qualifications (degrees, experience, certificates, etc.), we find that an understanding of the source language and attention to detail are the keys to reliable translation.

The real work begins after a file is translated. We have a proofreader check all translated lines with the source for accuracy. The proofreader creates a dialogue with the translator about any ambiguous terms or sentences. Finally, the proofread translation is checked in-house before delivery to make sure it flows in the target language.

We take the time to ensure our translation is ready to be seen, so you don’t have to.


Industry: Medical Devices

Document Type: Research Report

Language Pair: Korean to English

교합력은 특정한 저작근의 등장성수축 시 상,하악 치아간에 생기는 힘으로서 최대교합력은 상,하악치아간의 저작근육의 최대수축력을 의미한다.

교합력 측정은 치의학 임상분야에서 커다란 의의를 가지며이상적인 교합력을 측정하기 위해 학자들에 의해 수많은 연구가 이루어져 왔다.

이상적인 교합력 측정기구는 온도 및 습도의 영향을 받지 않으면서 최소의 개구상태를 유지하기 위해 transducer의 두께가 얇을수록 좋으며 간편한 방법으로 최대교합력 측정이 가능해야 한다.

“Bite force” refers to the force generated between maxillary and submaxillary teeth when specific masticatory muscles perform isometric contraction. “Maximum bite force” refers to the maximum contractile force of masticatory muscles between maxillary and submaxillary teeth.

The measurement of bite forces has a great significance in the field of clinical dentistry. Many studies have been conducted by scholars to measure ideal bite forces.

The ideal bite force measuring device is not affected by temperature and humidity. With its thinner transducer that maintains minimum mouth opening, it also enables the measurement of maximum bite force in a simple way.

Industry: Aviation

Document Type: Legal

Language Pair: Korean to English


목 적
XXXX공항 환적 성장 둔화세 지속에 따른 환적 인센티브 확대 시행(노선별 환적인센티브)으로 ‘13년 하반기 환적 물동량 증대 추진
XXXX공항 취항 화물항공사
– 정산시점(‘13.12.31) 기준 XXXX공항에 3년이상
취항 중인 항공사
* 정기편‧부정기편 동일적용, 단, 산정기간중(3년) 운휴 없이 주 2회 이상 (출도착 각1회, 왕복기준) 연속운항
* 공사의 인센티브 지급 시점(1월말)에 운항을 지속중인 항공사

To promote the increase of transshipment volume in the second half of 2013 by expanding transshipment incentives (by route) in response to continued transshipment growth slowdown at XXXX International Airport
Cargo airlines flying to XXXX International Airport
– As of the cut-off date (December 31, 2013), airlines that have been flying to XXXX International Airport for 3 years or more
* Identically applied to scheduled and unscheduled flights. However, flights should be continuously operated at least twice a week (1 departure and 1 arrival each, round-trip basis) without flight suspension during the calculation period (3 years)
* Airlines that continuously operate flights until the time of incentive payment (end of January)

Industry: Cosmetics

Document Type: Research Report

Language Pair: Korean to English


미네랄은 신체의 골격과 구조를 이루는 요소이자 체액의 전해질 균형을 이루고 생리 기능을 조절하는 필수 영양소이다. 나트륨, 칼륨, 염소, 인, 마그네슘 등은 세포 내액 및 외액에 이온상태로 존재하여 삼투압을 조절하는 역할을 한다.

국내에서는 피테라 성분으로 많이 알려진 갈락토미세스 발효 여과물은 양조장에서 술을 빚을 때 사용하는 효모로 술을 밎는 장인 나이에 비해 유난히 곱고 탄력있는 손을 유지하는 것을 보고 발견한 효모이다. 이 성분은 비타민과 미네랄, 아미노산이 풍부하고 보습력이 좋아 피부톤을 맑게 하고 피부에 탄력을 부여하는데 도움을 주는 것은 물론 각질제거에도 좋다.

Minerals are the elements that form the frame and structure of the body, and the essential nutrients that control the electrolyte balance of body fluids as well as physiological functions. Sodium, potassium, chlorine, phosphorus, magnesium, etc. exist in intracellular and extracellular fluids as ions, and serve to control osmotic pressure.

Galactomyces ferment filtrate is commonly known as Pitera in Korea. It’s a yeast that is used for brewing alcoholic beverages at breweries. This yeast was discovered by looking at the hands of brewers, which were still smooth and firm despite their age. This ingredient is rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids. With its excellent moisturizing effect, it clears skin tone, helps firm skin, and exfoliates well.

Industry: Human Resources

Document Type: Training Manual

Language Pair: Korean to English


활발한 소통을 추구하는 긍정적이고 열린 조직 문화의 창조
XXXX가 생각하는 리더란 서로의 잠재력이 발휘될 수 있고 업무를 개선할 수 있도록 도움을 주며, 더 나은 솔루션이 필요하다고 생각할 때 이를 스스럼없이 논의할 수 있는 긍정적이고 열려있는 조직 문화를 이끄는 역할을 하는 존재입니다.
회사는 임원 및 팀장, 그리고 중간관리자들이XXXX를 지금보다 더 활짝 열린 소통의 공간으로 발전시키는 데 적극적인 태도를 가지고 노력해 주기를 바라며, 효과적으로 그 역할을 해낼 수 있도록 도움을 줄 수 있는 리더십 교육을 실시하였습니다.

Creating a Positive and Open Corporate Culture that Encourages Active Communication

At XXXX, leaders help each other maximize potential and improve skills, while fostering a positive and open corporate culture that facilitates discussion when a better solution is needed.

The company’s goal is for executives, team leaders and middle managers to actively make XXXX a better place with wide open communication. The company provides leadership training to help all parties effectively achieve this goal.










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