Top 8 Korean Music Streaming Apps

Here are the 8 most popular Korean music apps.

You can use them to find new Korean music in genres like K-pop. They’re also great for learning Korean!

I’ll highlight the unique features of each app too.

Lingua Asia Top 8 Korean Music Streaming Apps

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34 Popular Korean Apps you Need to Try

Here are popular apps used in South Korea to discover cute cafes, get deals on hotels and find discounts.

I’ve categorized them by travel, living, health and entertainment.

Most of them have English versions!

Lingua Asia Popular Korean Apps you Need to Try

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10 Best Korean Language Apps: Free and Paid Ones

There are hundreds of apps that teach you Korean from the comfort of your phone.

The problem is, which one’s right for you?

Learning Korean with apps is like going on a treasure hunt with pieces of a map. Each one tells you something, but won’t get you all the way.

I’m here to help put them together!

Lingua Asia_Korean Language Apps That Actually Work The Best Free and Paid Ones

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