All of our translators pass a five-point screening. This includes response time and overall communication skills in addition to an assessment for accuracy, clarity and localization. Rather than focusing on a translator’s qualifications (degrees, experience, certificates, etc.), we find that an understanding of both languages and attention to detail are the keys to reliable translation. After a file is translated, we proofread and check files in-house before delivery.
  1. After you request a quote, we review your document to assess subject matter and time required.
  2. We send you an email within a day with a billing request.
  3. Once we confirm payment, we select a translator with the relevant background.
  4. After initial translation, the document is proofread by a native speaker in the target language (language translated into).
  5. The translator and proofreader confer to find the best solutions.
  6. A project manager who is fluent in both languages checks for accuracy and localization.
  7. We send the final document via e-mail.
We specialize in the Chinese (simplified and traditional), Korean and Japanese to English language pairs. This means we translate from:

English → Chinese, Korean and Japanese
Chinese, Korean and Japanese → English.

We work with translators who have backgrounds in law, finance, medicine, IT and business. By focusing on three language pairs, we can effectively manage specialists in many fields.


$015per word
  • High-quality translation for general use (internal documents)


$017per word
  • High-quality translation for professional use (customer-facing material)


$020per word
  • High-quality translation requiring specific terminology or specialized legal, medical or IT expertise (contracts, research reports, case studies)
Unfortunately, we do not. We prefer to focus on our strength which is written translation. However, we would be happy to refer you to a company that does.
Unfortunately, we do not at this time. We specialize in documents that require more complex translation. However, we would be happy to refer you to a company that does.
We normally can translate (including proofreading and review) up to 5 pages (1,100 words) within 48 hours. We aim to provide documents you can use right away, so we factor proofreading and review into this time frame. Send us a file to find out how long your project will take.
Our goal is to provide ready-to-use documents that require minimal changes by you. We take the necessary time up front so you don’t have to spend hours on revisions. All of our translations are proofread and reviewed. This gives you the freedom to work on something else.
1. All of our translation personnel sign strict confidentiality agreements before working with us.
2. We store files in-house on secure drives that only qualified personnel have access to.
3. We then delete delivered files on a regular basis.
Upload or send your document → Pay through PayPal or with a credit card → You will receive a high-quality translated document by e-mail.

What We Provide

  • Consistent Quality
  • Native Translators
  • Dependable Service
  • Term Base Upon Request
  • On-time Delivery Guaranteed
  • Clear Communication in English
  • 30-day Quality Assurance

  • Dedication to a Thorough Understanding of Your Project
  • Fast Response
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Proofreading Included
  • Ready-to-use Documents
  • Service for Busy Professionals
  • Your Personal Project Manager
  • Proven Track Record of Success
  • Deep Industry-specific Knowledge and Top-notch Language Skills


Let us handle the translation so you can handle your business.
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