Forehead Thermometer Made in Korea Helps Diagnose Coronavirus

Korea has had an exceptional response to the Coronavirus.

In late February, South Korea was home to the most COVID-19 patients of any country not named China.

Now, they have one of the lowest per capita mortality rates in the world.

They accomplished this while not shutting down the country or their borders.

What’s their secret?

High testing rates and widespread mask usage.

Part of this equation is forehead thermometers. Like the Thermo Checker DT-060 by Easytem.

Designed and manufactured in South Korea, it’s one of the best thermometers on the market.

It’s a cutting edge, non-contact thermometer that:

  • Measures temperature within 2 seconds
  • Provides continuous temperature measurement
  • Saves the last 10 measurements
  • Has an ergonomic design for easy use and storage

It’s so good, they’re exporting them to the US and EU.

We recently became their translation provider.

So far we’ve translated their product labels into English, French and Spanish.

We hope to overhaul their website in the future.

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