The Top 8 Apps in Korea [2020]

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The Top 8 Apps in Korea


Korea is known for its blazing fast internet.

As the birthplace of Samsung and LG, it also has some of the highest smartphone adoption rates. Koreans have an average of 34.1 apps installed.

As you can imagine, there are some unique and useful apps that can only be found in Korea. They even have apps for music and translation.

A little bit of background on internet in Korea

Since Korea first launched commercial internet services in 1994, usage has increased from 44.7% in the 2000s to 91.8% in 2019.

PC Bang culture developed with this trend, which might explain why Koreans dominate competitive gaming and even created their own e-Sports leagues.

Internet access rate for each household is 99.7%, so pretty much everyone can get online.

Still, Koreans go to PC Bangs to play games or enroll in college classes.
(You need to sign up online at 9 AM sharp on enrollment day before each semester. It’s so competitive that it requires secure and high internet speed.)

Koreans mainly access internet through wireless methods like Wi-Fi or mobile data and they use smartphones for an average of 3 hours and 48 minutes a day.

The top 8 apps account for 37% of the smartphone usage time.

What are the top 8 apps most used by Koreans?

The Top 8 Apps in Korea - Chart

The top 8 apps with more than 10 million monthly users in Korea are:

  1. KakaoTalk
  2. YouTube
  3. Naver
  4. Band
  5. Coupang
  6. Samsung Pay
  7. Naver Map
  8. Instagram

I use KakaoTalk to message my friends and family every day. (Even my 90-year-old grandma uses it!)

I also listen to music on YouTube while working from home.

Naver is perfect for searching things in Korea or reading local news.

My extended family of 30 people has a group page on Naver Band where we share photos and updates.

Coupang is very useful if you live in Korea as they have the fastest delivery (they call it rocket delivery).

As an iPhone user, I can’t use Samsung Pay, but I’ve heard that it’s very convenient from my friends.

I use Google Maps overseas, but Naver Map in Korea, since it’s more accurate there. Other mapping services are not allowed to map South Korea since they’re still at war with the North.

Instagram is good for getting updates from my friends or K-pop stars I like.

In addition, the app that Koreans used the longest (total time spent in the app) was YouTube (42.4 billion minutes), followed by KakaoTalk (22.6 billion minutes) and Naver (15.5 billion minutes).

After that, it’s Facebook, Daum, Instagram, Kakao Page and Naver Webtoon respectively.

How many apps do Koreans use?

Koreans love their apps. And with high-powered smart phones with tons of storage, they can fit a lot on their devices. They even use apps for banking where they can send and receive money and check their balances.

Generation Z (10-24 years old) uses 34.4 apps, Generation Y (25-39 years old) uses 33.8 apps, and Generation X (40-54 years old) uses 26.6 apps.

According to the mobile index of a mobile big data platform, “IGAWorks”, 10-39 year-olds use an average of 34.1 apps per person.


These apps are very useful if you live in Korea. You might find them a bit tricky to install overseas, but they’re easy when you have a Korean phone number.

I still use a few of them even when I’m abroad. Let us know your favorite Korean apps in the comments.

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