BS-Free Pimsleur App Review by a Long-time User (2023)

You may have noticed we’re pretty big on Pimsleur here.

The main reason being it works.

Pimsleur is especially effective for East Asian languages like Korean and Japanese, which are tough for English speakers.

Learning a second language is a lifetime endeavor. There’s no magic bullet.

Pimsleur is a specialized tool that helps jump start your journey and saves you months of frustration.

Here’s a personal review of the Pimsleur app.

Lingua Asia_Pimsleur Review Best Korean Language Learning App

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How to Maintain a Happy Marriage With Your Korean Wife

How to Live a Happy Married Life With Your Korean Wife

Want to have a good relationship with your Korean wife?

Living a happy married life can be challenging, even with someone from the same culture.

I’m writing this post to help you get along with your Korean spouse. 🙂

Let’s find out

  • what to call your wife in Korean
  • pros and cons of Korean wives
  • their expectations and fears
  • how to communicate better
  • what they celebrate
  • gift ideas

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Why Korean Gyms Are the Worst and How to Join Them!

Why Korean Gyms are the Worst and How to Join them!

This post covers the nitty gritty of why Korean gyms are awful and how you too can experience them.

I’ve tried gyms in 25 countries on every continent, which has gradually lowered my standards over the years.

Find out why Korean gyms need to do better.

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Getting What You Want With South Korean Negotiation Style [2023]

This step-by-step guide shows you how to negotiate salary and business terms in Korea. By understanding Korean negotiation style, you can avoid awkwardness and build good relationships.

It includes:

  • Getting a higher salary
  • Asking for a raise
  • Maximizing business meetings
  • What to avoid
  • And more!

I’ve been running a business in Korea since 2013. Here’s what I learned.

Let’s dive right it in!

How to Negotiate Anything in South Korea

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